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Adam and Eve's mistakes and Using this Website's Genesis Chapter 5 comment on 10/30/2021, 4:20am...

The Tree of Life was protected by an Angel and Adam and Eve were driven out of the garden lest they eat of the Tree of Life. They would live Eternally in a fallen state of sin.

Adam was called first Adam. Jesus was 2nd Adam. Use the search box to look up those scriptures. Adam lost his Mandate to Satan who stole it.

Humanity would wait for Jesus to be born human.

He stripped Satan of the authority to cause death.

Satan is a created angel. He is not human. He has no authority. He is an outlaw spirit who steals, kills and destroys; demons, principalities and powers. None have authority.

Born again believers have Jesus's Authority to defeat evil. Whatever Jesus said and did; we can do too. We have dominion and authority to oppose Satan's attacks. We need the anointing of the Holy Spirit, same as Jesus was anointed. Luke 4:18. We need to know how to rightly use the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Imitate Jesus and the others. (Hebrews 11)

I'm really tired. We'll talk again. I'm glad you are here. You sound very centered. On weekends many young Christians visit in here. I find it's best to discern the spirits and help them to grow.

May the Holy Spirit help us today to be gentle, tolerant, joyful in the Holy Ghost. Pray with power against the spirits of Halloween. They have no power over us, or this Bible Comment room.

Explore the links and helps on this website; the Prayer Request room, the Commentary, Testimonies.

At the bottom of this page are Past History by Days; this website retains, so they can be read again by newcomers. Lots to do. Goodnight and Bless you all day and tomorrow.



GiGi's Genesis Chapter 5 comment on 10/29/2021, 11:21pm...

The text does not list any descendants for Abel. It can be assumed that he did not have any children. Cain's lineage is listed in Chapter 4, set apart from Adam's and Seth's. I deduce that Cain continued to wander away from God over the course of his life, becoming more and more debased over time. But he was not alone, his progeny also promoted the widespread wickedness in the world in Cain's lifetime and this same wickedness took root in the lineage of Seth as well. Both lineages became corrupted. Idolatry did not have it's beginnings after the flood with the likes of Nimrod. No, it was practiced before the flood, too, on a grand scale. It grieved God deeply. How sad for Him.

As God, he could have chosen to be completely unaffected by His creation. He is totally self-sufficient and totally satisfied within the Godhead. He does not have any needs that He cannot fulfill within His Godhead. Yet He chose to be involved with His creation, to have compassion on us, to be grieved by us, to share His life with us. What a wonderful God He is. He chose to condescend Himself to be intimate with us, to know us and have us know Him. A large portion of Christians have a lower viewpoint of God than they ought. Understanding that we can only know God in His humanity in Christ meeting our humanity, He is still higher than the highest of possibilities. Makes me love and appreciate Him more knowing how he bent low to touch me, to choose me even before I was born, having called me from the womb. I honestly cannot remember a time when I did not believe in Him. But having walked with Him all my life, getting to know Him more and more through Scripture, worship, fellowship with believers, I learn more and more how Great He is and how great His love for me is. I'm humbled and grateful. Why me? From infancy? God is not a respecter of persons. He has a redemptive plan for us and He fit me into it according to His wisdom and grace. Certainly didn't earn it as an infant by good works.


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