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GiGi's Genesis Chapter 5 comment on 11/28/2022, 3:27pm...

I am looking forward to meeting Enoch. He must have really stood out among the people of the pre-flood era. He walked with God. How lovely. Don't know why God took him so "young" in those days. It would seem that the people in his sphere could have used his influence for another 500-600 years until the flood came.

But God had his reasons, and somewhere in the word it says that God does not fail to leave a witness. So, there must have been others, and in the last days, Noah, who gave witness to God like Enoch. But we just don't really know.

I wish we did know more about the pre-flood times, but God chose to eliminate traces of this time, unless some artifacts are excavated by archeological teams from that time. Don't know if God wants us to know about that time. Perhaps the level of corruption was exceedingly greater than our world now and knowing about it would feed the sinful nature of those who learn of it.


Duncan's Genesis Chapter 5 comment on 11/28/2022, 8:37am...

God took Him to heaven, translated him for one day he will do the same to the church in the last day he will take us as well those that walk with Jesus and do according to his will.

Genesis 5:21

21 When Enoch had lived 65 years, he fathered Methuselah. 22 Enoch walked with God2 after he fathered Methuselah 300 years and had other sons and daughters. 23 Thus all the days of Enoch were 365 years. 24 Enoch walked with God, and he was not,3 for God took him.


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