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Alex1939's 2 Samuel Chapter 4 comment on 12/18/2022, 5:40am...

Alex1939..Samuel this reply may be too late but speaking of the strangers in Israel ...Luke 10:30..The good Samaritian was a stranger not of the ppl of Israel...But in his travels he came upon this wounded man that had fallen among thieves that had beaten him half dead but he went to him and poured in Oil and Wine and put him on his own mule and brought him to an inn and asked the keeper what so ever you spend more when i came again ( a 2 nd coming ) i will repay you...And b/c of this I believe the Stranger was Jesus that showed him love and mercy.

Way back when they came outa of Egypt God had ordered them to be kind to the Strangers that are among you seeing ye your selves were strangers in the land of Egypt at 1 time....GB


Alex1939's 2 Samuel Chapter 4 comment on 12/16/2022, 7:19am...

alex1939...Samuel this is a very interesting topic all thru the bible...The great King Solomon when he had completed his New Temple with his hands stretched toward heaven made intersession for the Stangers the Gentiles that was not of his ppl Israel.. approx a 1000 yrs b/f Jesus...2 nd Chronicles 6:32...Hear thou from heaven and do all that the stranger asked of thee...THAT THY NAME MIGHT BE GREAT IN ALL THE EARTH...And let us not forget our father ABRAHAM a Syrian a stranger that became a father to Israel the Jews the circumcision and to the uncircumcised the Gentiles ...So much to be said about the Strangers....GB


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