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Silutecordiamondlicro's Psalms Chapter 38 comment on 2/01/2023, 9:11pm...

If you could please pray for me and my other 2 siblings my. My mother's children she passed away in 2019 and we don't have anyone to fight us


Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 38 comment on 11/02/2022, 6:30pm...

Psalm 38. In Job 2:7-8 we see a similar situation as to David's disease with the physical effects and the disdain of others as to his state. (see verse 11 in this Psalm comparted with Job 30:10).

The first seven verses describe physical affliction which could have been caused by David's sin (such as venereal disease which was discussed in an earlier Psalm). Once we get past verse 7; we see much in the description of the alientation and sufferings of Christ; except for the mention of verse 18 and David's sin and iniquity. Christ did have to suffer to deliver us from wrath by being the sin-bearer and hence again there is a dual representation here of David's life and the prophetic future of Christ. Jesus; of course asked why the Father had foresaken him in Mark 15:34. This can tie into Psalm 22 as well as verse 21 of this Psalm.

We see other indications such as verse 17 on Christ being the "man of sorrows" (Isaiah 53:3); and his being silent as a sheep before it's shearers (v. 13 and 14 compared with further on in Isaiah 53:7). This; of course would reflect his inquisition for a time before Pilate (John 19:8-11).

These passages show us that there are often several types of Psalms in one as well as multiple present and future applications. Prophecy in Messianic themes can be intertwined with impreccatory Psalms; for instance. The general idea of the meek inheriting the earth show us how a king (David and or Christ) can be exalted through a serving capacity; and indeed those who are bearing fruit and growing in faith are promised to be kings and priests someday (See Rev. 1:6).


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