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Esther Spells's Esther Chapter 6 comment on 4/13/2022, 6:08pm...

The king could not sleep that night

So he decided to read a book

The book of his legal records

He decided to take a look

He was reminded of the time

When Mordecai reported the plot

The king wanted to know

How he had been thanked for his troth

Nothing had been done

Not yet for this man

The king wanted to reward him

Thank him for his stand

Haman had just arrived

To ask for Mordecai's death

The king asked for Haman's presence

They hadn't spoken just yet

He asked what should I do

To honor a good man

Hey man thought he would get

All that he can

He must be speaking of me

I am the man he upholds

I would give him a royal horse

Put on him a royal robe

I was slowly parade this man

Through the city streets

Proclaiming his royal honor

For all of the people to see

Go do these things at once

You'll leave the horse, yes you

Do all that you recommended

For Mordecai the Jew

Haman robed Mordecai

Led him through the city streets

Proclaiming his honor for all

For all the people to hear and see

Mordecai went back to rest

Sit down at the palace gate

Haman rush home and told his wife

All about his day

She said he must forget

About his malicious plan

Because now the Jew he hated

Was a famed and honored man

Haman was not happy

For he knew what she said was true

How did the tables turn?

Now he must honor the Jew

It's time for Esther's banquet

Where the king wants to hear her voice

Haman had to hurry

To attend he had no choice

(By Esther Coleman-Spells)

I hope you enjoyed the poem for Esther 6.


Rob's Esther Chapter 6 comment about verse 8 on 10/06/2020, 12:09pm...

I came across these verses after reading your question,

1 Timothy 2 v9,10 . I hope that helps


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