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Rolando Martinez's Genesis Chapter 6 comment about verse 3 on 10/14/2020, 10:14am...

Regarding Celine's question on Genesis 6:3: The 120 years may be referring to the time from the moment the Lord spoke those words until the flood commenced.


EJL's Genesis Chapter 6 comment on 10/05/2020, 11:54am...

Hi Ken Reeder,

Many believe that it took Noah about 100 years to build the ark, (with the help of his three sons).

Noah was commissioned to build the ark by God at approximately the same time his three sons were born (not triplets), look at Genesis 5:32, 6:10-14.

Noah was 600 years old when the ark was finished (Genesis 7:6).

Genesis is an amazing book, one of my personal favorites!



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