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S Spencer's Genesis Chapter 6 comment on 2/04/2023, 4:03pm...

Hi Giannis.

As always, thank you for helping us to dig deeper in the original language and study scripture words and even letters as I believe often makes a big difference!

I tend to hold view of the sons of God/disrobed Angel's theory.

Thanks again brother and God bless.


Giannis's Genesis Chapter 6 comment on 2/04/2023, 2:25pm...

Pt 2


Verse 2 in the Hebr text:

"uirau(andthey-are-seeing) bni(sons-of) ealeim (theElohim) ath bnuth(daughters-of) eadm (thehuman) ..."

It talks about the sons of Elohim. But IF in this case the word El/Elohim means mighty/strong and not God then it is going to be "That the sons of the mighty saw the daughters of men ..." Who are the sons of the mighty? They are the giants described in verse 4. That is why the children of those with the daughters of other people were mighty (giants in the Septuagint). Because neither the "Angelic" nor the "Sethite" theories can explain why their children were also mighty (or giants according to the Septuagint). So if this is right then the text says that the sons of the giants liked the daughters of other men and took them as wives who bare children to them, giants like them. Well, it makes sense to be honest. It is not what I believe, I actually tend towards the "Sethite" theory but searching on the net for information I got that staff, maybe it is worth thinking about it.



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