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Mishael's Jeremiah Chapter 15 comment on 7/28/2020, 1:07am...

They have Frizbees now that are a ring with mesh stretched over it. My grandson likes to see me chase it. Boy do those things fly!

I like chihuahuas: their bark and proximity to ankles. I think of that when the enemy gets all puffed up and considers trying to squash Gods warriors. Greater is He that is in us.... :)


Jesse's Jeremiah Chapter 15 comment on 7/27/2020, 7:31pm...


Yes, it is amazing how much Israel is hated, and how they being such a small nation are in my opinion the most powerful nation on the planet. I say that because they are under God's protection. They cannot be wiped out no matter how many nations come against them. Even in the end, God will destroy all the armies that come against Israel. Even though there are many people that hate Israel, and hate the Jews, God does not hate them. When Jesus returns, every Jew who is alive on this earth will be saved. People can hate the Jews all they want but they are still God elect and His chosen people, and one day He will gather them back to Himself.

I usually find something in your posts that makes me smile. Your last two made me laugh, especially the "flying Frisbee" and the "Chihuahua barking at Bigfoot."


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