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Chris's Jeremiah Chapter 15 comment on 2/10/2023, 10:27pm...

Hello Barbara. It is my understanding that if the word 'Pastor' is correctly (i.e. biblically) applied, then yes, sisters in the Church Fellowship can take on a pastoral role of shepherding the sheep (and specifically to other women & young people).

But throughout the New Testament, the one who leads, teaches & guides Christ's Church are called Overseers or Elders (& the word 'Bishop' is used in 1 Timothy 3:1,2 & Titus 1:7, as the 17th Century English of the KJV dictated such naming). Women were never appointed to that position of overseeing or governing the Church Body in those early days. It seems however if we go through Church history, there have been some Churches very early on, that have ordained women into pastoral or teaching roles, & this became more necessary as men were drafted into the major wars, especially those of the 20th Century; this dearth of men warranted women filling these positions. There are many opinions whether this action was actually required and that the guidance from the Bible on this issue was being circumvented. And this continued on, even when such wars ceased & men were able to remain on home turf, & of those so enabled by the Lord, to lead Christ's Church. Thus we have today, many women in leadership positions in their Church Fellowships, which I believe is clearly contrary to the Scriptures.


Barbara Horton's Jeremiah Chapter 15 comment on 2/10/2023, 5:17am...

Do we supposed to have Women Pastor's ?


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