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Chris's Matthew Chapter 24 comment on 10/25/2020, 3:27am...

In my opinion, if an embryo should die or a new born baby or a child who is of the age of pre-accountability lives, then that embryo or infant would go to be with the Lord. As all humans are born with a sin nature (thanks to our first parents), that nature doesn't preclude us from Heaven. It is when we commit sin because of that nature, going against the Word & Will of God, that we are accountable to God & so the need for salvation comes at an early point in human life. If the woman, in your question, is born again & she carries a child within her, then both she & her unborn would be raised in the Rapture. If the woman is unsaved, the child would still be saved.

But these are my views only & based on my understanding of mankind's culpability because of sin within him & the non-culpability of the innocent child who has not sinned.


Margaret Martinez's Matthew Chapter 24 comment on 10/24/2020, 10:32pm...

In the day of the rapture,,what happens to woman with child,, expecting a baby..


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