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Linda Miller's Matthew Chapter 24 comment on 11/12/2022, 7:32pm...

Where in the bible does it say about three and one half of good times/years, then followed by three and half of the worst times/years?


Richard H Priday's Matthew Chapter 24 comment on 9/14/2022, 7:35pm...

Not sure if my commentary on that chapter helps. It is simply those who are martyred at that time; they don't yet have physical bodies to stand on the sea of glass; but they remain until all the martyrs designated to die in that way join them. God has a set order for the Resurrection; and the firstfruits raptured into heaven. Generally; it appears that the church comes next followed by the 144,000 being translated around the midpoint of the Tribulation and the rest of the saints risen sometime right before or around the second coming of Christ. This can be a trickly subject as to precise timing.

I would certainly think that the Hebrews 11 cloud of witnesses include those who are already present spiritually with the Lord (to be absent from the body is present with the Lord). (2 Cor. 5:6). Spirits of just men (Heb. 12:23) made perfect is another example.

I try to give as much scriptural base as possible to comments; rather than wild speculation. Still; there is something to be said to waiting on the Lord to reveal what He will about the Book of Revelation. These days will see a closer parallel between those who are on the side of the enemy with those who are of the Lord so that even the elect would be deceived IF IT WERE POSSIBLE (Matt. 24:24). Again; as my commentary mentioned by the sixth seal there will be no more atheists. The wrath of God and of His Son will be known but it won't do men who are unregenerate any good. I only say this out of necessity; if the Lord wants to show you these things; it will be for the edification of the sleeping church; to wake them up. The truth won't win any popularity contests unlike today's endless "prophets" who want people to believe the party will keep going on. May you be as Jeremiah with "fire in his bones" (Jeremiah 20:9). There are a few fearlessly proclaiming the Gospel in LOVE; but also in TRUTH. I believe some roles for women are different from men; He will reveal this to you in His time.


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