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ROBERT DELROSSO's Matthew Chapter 24 comment on 12/23/2021, 7:29am...

There is a Documentary on Amazon ("BEFORE THE WRATH"), which everyone should watch. It shows the Galilean Wedding Tradition:

A man and woman are engaged, like Joseph and Mary.

Like Christ and His Church at the Last Supper.

They are called "Husband" and "Wife" NOT "Fiances" as we do today.

They share a meal and the Man goes to his father's house, to build an extension in which he and his wife will live.

Then, he goes to his Wife's house, to take her to his Father's House.

But he does not know when that will be. Only the Husband's Father knows, in the Galillean Wedding Tradition.

So at the Last Supper, when Jesus says to the Apostles:

" In My Father's House, there are many Mansions. . . . . I go to prepare a place for you.

I will come back and take you to be with Me."

--- John's Gospel Chapter 14: Verses 2-3

the Apostles understood that very well, since they were all from Gallilee and at least St. Peter was married,

since his Mother-in-Law is mentioned in the Bible.

So when Atheists make fun of the Apostles for believing in the VISIBLE Second Coming of Christ, in their

lifetimes, they misinterpret Scripture.

The Atheists say:

"Look, that never happened in the Apostles Lifetimes,

so it never will!"

The Apostles were looking forward to the RAPTURE of the Church, NOT the Visible Second Coming of Christ!

In 33 AD, after Jesus Ascended into Heaven, the Rapture COULD have happened in 34 AD or 534 AD!

NO prophecies need to be fulfilled for the Rapture to happen, back then or tomorrow, as we celebrate Christmas

Eve with our Atheist friends and Relatives!

There could have been 2,000 years between the Rapture and the visible 2nd Coming!

Probably NOT, but there COULD BE!

A man named Anderson wrote several books: "DANIEL IN THE CRITICS DEN" (I lost it in a move!)



GiGi again's Matthew Chapter 24 comment on 12/21/2021, 1:04pm...

Hello Bill,

Thank you for bringing those scriptures forward. I look forward to that day. I am 65 and may not be alive wen this happens, but will be one that is raised from the dead. But then again, it may happen in my lifetime. Each day, week, year that passes does bring us closer to that wonderful day when Jesus appears to claim His bride and rule and reign on earth.

So, we probably be prepared spiritually for it as much as we are able to be sanctified in this life by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we are exhorted to not resist the Holy Spirit and what He wants to accomplish in us in this life to serve and help others lovingly, and to prepare us for when our time in eternity begins.


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