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Mystere's Matthew Chapter 24 comment about verse 22 on 7/02/2020, 4:28pm...

The elect are those that have denounced religion and Jesus Christ and have Crossed over to the truth of the kingdom which is only found thru a belief in the Messiah YAHUSHA and by loving YAHUAH ELOHIM WITH ALL YOUR BODY MIND AND SOUL


It39s Not Bad Luck It39s Satan seeking whom he may Devour's Matthew Chapter 24 comment about verse 9 on 6/29/2020, 6:29pm...

There are many videos on youtube about spiritual warfare just waiting on anyone who is asking the air, "WHAT is going on!?!?

Satan is a very bad devil who majors in hurting Gods family. He sends in the demons to do their worst.

You've Got to really start slamming down some Bible scripture inside you both.

The Lords Prayer speaks of: lead us not into temptation and DELIVER us from the EVIL.

You're on satans radar, so you are going to have to learn what Ephesians 6 is all about. Click on that link.

Now go on YouTube and watch videos about SPIRITUAL WARFARE. Some are scriptures and some are sermons on how to fight off demons. Start with Derek Prince; you and your friend.

Go through your house and destroy anything you feel the Holy Spirit pointing at. Clear out worldly useless stuff that has nothing to do with God and living for heaven. Demons use it to get a toe in the door. Shut Those Doors! Don't be scared. You have authority to do this and demons know it. Holy righteous anger is allowed. Just point it at the perpetrators of pain and suffering.


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