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Free's Matthew Chapter 24 comment on 6/29/2022, 1:08pm...

Dear Michele do u have a good answer: 1000 years from where?

We look at the sight do we not? Thats why all the Apostels did think that Jesus willl come back in their time, as we do. :) Here i Personal think we die and go right up to Jesus. After this life we cant find another.

God bless us all the day Jesus said the work is done. It is finished, the gift was given on Pentecost.

But we have to wait for Him to come back anyway. Because He must cast the devil, the antichrist, and the beast into the sea that boils with fire and brimstone. The last war must come.

Amen. God bless us all in Jesus name.


Michele's Matthew Chapter 24 comment on 6/29/2022, 12:41am...

Its true we are in the last days but 1000 years is a day to our heavenly Father..not man's time but Fathers time.


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