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Adam's Psalms Chapter 92 comment on 1/19/2021, 6:42pm...

Dear Gihuka,

Are you a parent? If not, imagine you have kids and you can either force them to say they love you, or give them the choice in what they say. If they chose to say that to you, would you feel that might seem more real, genuine, and better than forcing them into obedience? If you agree, then maybe you understand why God gives us free will. He could have created robots, but he didn't. He loves us enough to let us choose for ourselves, whether we will follow Him or not, whether we will choose good, or evil. Some choose good, but many choose evil. That is one of the realities of our world. Because there is freewill, we will see injustice, suffering, and consequences of people choosing sin. No one gets away with it though.

We are all imperfect and struggle with this in our own sinful nature, but if we choose to follow Jesus and submit our lives to Him through obedience then our sins are washed clean by grace. God lets satan tempt people too, and our character is being tested while here on Earth. Jesus gave many parables saying how narrow is the way that leads to eternal life in heaven and wide is the gate leading to hell, where most people will go. Imagine if he led just everyone in heaven, then it probably wouldn't be heaven, and if God forced everyone to be robots, then that wouldn't seem authentic. God loves you enough to allow you to choose for yourself.


Gihuka's Psalms Chapter 92 comment on 1/19/2021, 4:43pm...

Since God is soverign, omnipotent, omniscience, He can resist to let not sin enter into the world. He foreknow before anything begins. Then, why evil? Despite God can let everything was good.


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