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Streetpreacher's Psalms Chapter 92 comment on 5/21/2022, 1:58am...

I like to tell stories like Jesus did. There are many to choose from.

1. Noah and the Ark

2. The Tower of Babel. How the Godhead (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) confused the languages. What Nimrod did with the tower.

3. Gideon. How he arose from being a coward and became a mighty general of God. His men lapped water like dogs and kept their armor on, and eyes looking for enemies. As in Don't get distracted.

4. Ruth and Naomi and how Naomi brought her and Boaz together.

5. How Queen Esther saved the nation of Israel. How she won and kept her husbands heart close to her. Defeated her enemies.

6. King David's humble beginnings as a shepherd boy that played a musical instrument.

7. Deborah who was a judge over Israel. Sometimes God uses a woman to lead a nation.

I'd get a highlighter marker and mark those passages in a special color, so you can just flip through the Bible. I learned to follow Jesus by what other people in the Bible did. Clearly you can see what is right and what Is the wrong way.

One day I was reading Ezekiel 37. The Holy Spirit nailed me in verse 3, concerning the messes and disasters in my life! I was gifted at it. He says can these bones live? Take a side trip to Ezekiel 12. Back to 37. He tells me to prophesy to the bones of my failures. I followed His leading and my dead hopes lived again.

Your niece can learn, that mistakes and bad judgement don't have to be fatal__dried out sun-baked bones. :)

I love of the story of the donkey that spoke.

And Peter walking on water, then he sees the waves and starts to sink. Like us when we see problems mount up like tsunamis in our lives. Peace, be still_in Jesus Name.

Just show her how we found deliverance and direction in the scriptures!

Memorizing scriptures is ok; but it is stories we hear that grow fast roots.


Bj's Psalms Chapter 92 comment on 5/20/2022, 7:05pm...

Proverbs is good and you can read a chapter every day than start again


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