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Michael homan's John Chapter 4 comment on 3/13/2023, 11:44pm...

in the 1611 Jesus says in verse 10,'If you were to ask me for water i would give it to you'.(thats what he was/is doing)

Beautiful story.Jacobs well was in Genesis,it was old, Jesus shows up there to get a drink..rest is history..

word of warning to anyone who reads this,Beware of believing Inaccurate teachings,homilys from a human.

come on here or pick up the Bible and Confirm what they said is True,Called 'Trying the spirit'

just experienced it over this chptr.

when someone says about the Bible that isnt true,wether its intentional or not

is the anti Christ spirit

it will physically/spiritually infect a person just because they unknowingly believed something that wasn't True

if something isnt True,then what is it

Christ is the Truth,you can believe him 100%


T. Levis's John Chapter 4 comment on 7/11/2022, 5:19pm...

Are you possibly searching for similarity between: Genesis 1, & John 1,


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