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Vince's 1 Samuel Chapter 10 comment about verse 16 on 3/09/2021, 7:11pm...

I think Saul didn't fully get it that he was really going to be king.everything was happening so fast for him. I guess he was just playing wait and see. God bless you


Vince's 1 Samuel Chapter 10 comment about verse 20 on 3/09/2021, 5:17am...

To Doris Crews

For the same reason he hid himself amongst the stuff. He was overwhelmed and scared and by right he should be. Imagine being placed in charge to lead God's people in times of war when you have seen what happened to the kings of the other nations. A king has to die before a nation is conquered. The first is always a sacrifice for the greater. Example of this can be seen with Adam and with Jesus. Look and see what these two are the first of. God bless you


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