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T Levis's 2 Timothy Chapter 4 comment on 7/02/2022, 11:26am...

I found another scripture right after I replied to you, that I had overlooked. Matthew 10:5-10,


T. Levis's 2 Timothy Chapter 4 comment on 6/25/2022, 11:58am...

Conelle Floyd,

I find it amazing, in the scriptures we can experience a full literary picture by the details.

The Bible is called "A Living Word" by some believers; I believe it's because we can always receive more wisdom, direction, & insight, year by year through reading again & again, study & researching the Bible's pages, stories & scritures.

You ask about 2Timothy 4:13, please see 2Timothy 4:21,22,

Note 2Timothy 4:16,17,

The emphasis seems to be, needing his cloak before winter, because he was imprisoned, left in the mercy of men

What's beautiful to me is he says "especially the parchments", that's most possibly our scriptures, by their service, faithfulness, determination & dedication. I've even considered how difficult it was in that time to find & obtain parchment.

2Corinthians 2:12, "Carpus" might have been that "open door"

Acts 16 & Acts 20, mention also the place called Troas, it may have been during the days they were there, in Troas,

Please notice; Acts 20:13,22,23,25,37,38,

See also 2Timothy 2:1,3,9,11,

We can just make assumption, did Paul leave it there, because he didn't think he'd make it to winter?

Please note: The website now has a Concordance included. If you click on the verse= it goes to another page. At the bottom of the page, it has definition, translation & the Concordance number for specific word translated, you can further research greek & other original translation.

Hopefully these are helpful in your study.


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