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Chris's 2 Timothy Chapter 4 comment on 12/13/2022, 5:30pm...

Hi Timothy. Just looking at the Scriptures on Luke, I note that he was a close friend of the Apostle Paul, who referred to him as 'the beloved physician' (Colossians 4:14). He is also spoken of as a "fellow labourer" (Philemon 1:24).

During Paul's second missionary journey, Luke connected with Paul in Asia Minor (Acts 16:6-11. Verse 10 particularly indicates this: "WE endeavoured to go into Macedonia"). Luke was then left in Philippi (Acts 17:1: "THEY", Luke excluded) and then re-connected with Paul to travel with him on the third missionary journey (Acts 20:5: "US").

Luke also accompanied Paul on his journey to Jerusalem & then to Rome and was with Paul during his imprisonment there (2 Timothy 4:11: which you had quoted). So, you can see that Luke, with many others (in the Church & on the 'mission field'), played a vital role in Paul's ministry & provided him with fellowship & encouragement. And of course Luke's medical knowledge, no doubt would have been useful to both Paul & maybe those in such need in their travels.


Timothy Moore's 2 Timothy Chapter 4 comment on 12/13/2022, 3:46am...

In 2hd Timothy 4:11, Paul mentioned Luke as the one who remained with him in Rome.

What role did Luke play in Paul's ministry?


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