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DOES GOD ANSWER OUR PRAYERS?'s Psalms Chapter 139 comment on 10/12/2021, 11:28am...

Yes he does, always. David was upset, maybe angry at circumstances he felt was out of his control.

God waits until we settle ourselves. Like in Psalm 23. We rest, get ourselves quieted. Wait upon the Lord. Then he responds to us by the person of the Holy Spirit, now.

As an example, in Daniel chapters 9-10: Daniel prayed to the Lord; expecting a speedy answer, but it was delayed. Finally Gabriel the Archangel appears with a message. Daniel 9:21

Daniel had been fasting; he was visited by an Archangel again. Daniel 10: 5-21

Michael the Archangel had to fight off principalities and powers, so Gabriel could get the message to Daniel.

See, sometimes it takes fasting and prayer and waiting on the answer, but it will come. If there is a delay of the answer, we are to stand fast with our faith. Jesus doesn't have to send Archangels to give us answers now. We have The Holy Spirit within us. He speaks to our born again spirit. We just have to listen, until He does. He may give you a scripture or passage to read.

My best advice: turn off the media and sit before the Lord and listen. Calm yourself. Write down anything that comes into your spirit.



Naa's Psalms Chapter 139 comment on 10/12/2021, 5:48am...

Does God answer No


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