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Mishael's Psalms Chapter 139 comment on 1/19/2022, 5:38am...

King James Bible is what many of us use. Some like other versions, like the NIV.

Sometimes I find really good like new Bibles at Goodwill stores. I got a brand new Strongs Concordance one day. :D. Yay

Walmart has reasonable priced Bibles.

I think the Hardbound breaks easier. Vinyl is good. Zipper book covers shield it from damage and car heat.

A used looking Bible is Friend that sticks by you. People are curious to read what we scribbled all over our Bibles. So I donate them to nursing homes; or sometimes a Park Bench.

I pray for the Lord to send an angel to guide the next owner to the bench! :)

It's all good!


Shanterial Collins's Psalms Chapter 139 comment on 1/18/2022, 4:51am...

I do but then I really dont because I dont know where it came from and if dont think its the right Version either but recently I dropped it and so its coming apart/or missings pages also


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