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Dav47's 1 Thessalonians Chapter 5 comment on 6/16/2022, 5:26am...

You are 100% correct; I think that is the biggest mistake so many make is they view GOD the FATHER as an untouchable entity! That is the furthest thing GOD our closest kin, our redeemer wants. HE wants to sup with us personally and wants all to come and commune with HIM 1 on 1. HOW do you do this today? Study the WORD, get to know HIM and love HIM as you would your flesh father. Did your flesh father discipline you out of hate when you did something wrong; I hope not. No he hopefully disciplined you out of love. Our true FATHER loves us with a supernatural love that most cant comprehend in the flesh. HE doesn't wake up saying who can I zap today. We have to respect HIM as the our FATHER who created every star and placed them in their spot. HE knows every hair when it falls off our head. HE clothed the Lilly of the field how much more you think HE wants to provide for us. HE loves us and HE said " I don't want your offerings all HE wants is our love" What an awesome FATHER we have. That is what I wake up to every day and I don't want to disappoint a loving FATHER but try in the flesh to please HIM each day!! I have disappointed HIM enough in the past. HE shows me love and I want to show my love back!


What's Expected Of Us___Streetpreacher's 1 Thessalonians Chapter 5 comment on 6/15/2022, 5:15pm...

Testimonies are such a blessing truly. We're never alone, aimless and threading our way through unknown waters. The reality of His omnipresent and omniscience truly comforts me.

I fail, I blunder through things and problems; until I let go of the rudder. I leave the mess I make and go sit in Isaiah 6 until I am healed from my blunders. He is high and lifted up, my Lord, my King.

I love the story of the Potter and the clay. Can the clay say, What are You doing? In my life?! As He pinches off a piece, reworks it, adds water, and reattaches it. It's painful, but it works better. It's lovelier, stronger.

We dislike the pain, but later, we have to admit that it works better.

I have to remind myself always, nothing is happening to me that He doesn't know about. I search myself__did I cause this? But when we sit at His feet in Isaiah 6, and consider His Holiness, our problems just fall away. He forgives us when we confess. He shows us a better way.

I quit running after human love and relationships, and learned how to be a better friend to all my friends. It changed my goals. The friendships fulfilled my need to understand as well as be understood. I'm at peace with aloneness. Not everyone can handle it. I see that now.

We seek the perfect will of God, but in this flesh, it's hard to attain. We do the best we can. Follow Jesus; not our own wills. He desires us to experience life fully. Love also.

We give glory to God for the gifts He bestows upon us.

And in the cool of the evening, He will come and walk with us (as He did with Adam and Enoch). We can be silent and enjoy, or we can discuss the day. He knows what's in our hearts. He's not offended. Enjoy those times.

I'm guess I'm saying, don't get bogged down in personal failures and despair. He is genuinely interested in what we are doing. He comforts us. Puts an arm around us to calm our fears of "missing it." Don't struggle with failures. Confess and be healed. You're His beloved child.


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