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Jesse's Matthew Chapter 16 comment about verse 23 on 1/13/2021, 1:16pm...

John Carrols question was answered by a Michael. He errs on this subject. Although abstaining from 'things' and indulging heartily in the scriptures is of great value to the individual, it is not a fast. When Jesus speaks of fasting, it refers solely to food of any kind. No where in scripture is there a different meaning. If you are going to read the Bible, refrain from trying to decode its words. That's a big problem today, thinking we can change scripture the way we want it to mean. I have fasted many times, and the spiritual benefits from doing so, is difficult to convey to others. If you want to fast, read what Jesus says to do, and just do it.

And, remember this, prayer is a big part of your fast. Again, words of Christ. May he bless and guide you as you hunger for more of his blessings.


Bob's Matthew Chapter 16 comment on 1/12/2021, 4:37pm...

God never leaves a searching soul in the dark .

But beware of false prophets for they are the many .

Read the Bible and seek the truth there . Seek and you will find . I have never been disappointed in many years .

The gospels are most direct for instructions , the epistles are good for clarification and expansion . Revelation is the future . OT is an example of Gods dealings with Obedience or disobedience for our learning that we may learn from others made examples by God .


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