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An's Revelation Chapter 14 comment on 8/05/2021, 11:44am...

God is the same today as was in the old testament.

He gave his laws to guide us, teach us and to help us remember Him as our Creator.

Lucifer, the light bearer, decided to take the place of our Creator. He took one third of the angles to believe him. He also wants to claim the earth. His wants to destroy our connection to our Creator by destructing our attention, destroying the Word of God(or changing it) and through persecution of people who follows God's comment.

God says, "Keep my commandments"

Any one who teaches different is the Antichrist. Which means, only you could follow God's Word or by not following, becoming Antichrist.

Anyone who wants to follow Christ, will find opposition and persecution.

The christians were persecuted, they couldn't worship God: so many came to America. Is it possible that the Beast rising up from the Earth is America?

Do Americans have freedom today as was 100-200 years ago?

Maybe things are changing, not for better.

However our faith is in God, who gave proof of His love towards us, humans by sending his Son, Christ to us. Have faith in God and his Son, Jesus Christ.


Rich's Revelation Chapter 14 comment on 6/05/2021, 2:36am...

while believe that Jesus is coming back., i have been a Christian for some time and when it comes to the book of revelation we must try to read and study it in its proper context, because a whole lot of crazy ideas have come out i have heard that Russia was the beast, that America was the beast and so on what that old prophecy way back about Jesus coming back in 1988 and so on.....you have pretrib, midtrib, post trib beliefs....now you folks coming out saying the vaccine is the mark....we need to stay away from conspiracy's as much as possible because it breeds fear and confusion......and God is not the author of confusion but love and a sound mind.


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