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Jcbu undercover's Exodus Chapter 2 comment on 1/21/2022, 4:45am...

Exodus 2:10 And she called his name Moses:And she said ,because I drew him out of the water.

We know later that Moses drew the people out of Egypt,it is so cool how God works! Little by little.Changing the lives of everyone in the whole world.Drawing people to him ,and out of the world.All praise ,and honour,and glory to God almighty for everything he has done for the world.


Gigi's Exodus Chapter 2 comment on 1/02/2022, 8:13pm...

Thanks Rick

I kind of thought that about Reuel but was not very sure.

Good to know that perhaps Keturah had taught her son's about God and that at least Midian passed the belief down


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