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Jean Christian's Isaiah Chapter 15 comment about verse 3 on 4/15/2021, 10:52am...

I am called to study the scriptures and commentaries regarding the pleading for and the calling on the "Blood of Jesus" for healing, salvation, atonement, and protection and covenant. Do you have these available?

Thank you.


Robert's Isaiah Chapter 15 comment on 8/14/2020, 1:38am...

In reply to Chris and Jesse

1st that was a beautiful explanation of God's sealing and promise.

2nd How do you explain the numerous scriptures that warn against false prophets and the very elect being deceived?

3rd How do you explain "free will" and the scriptures explaining "Lord, I have done your will", and His response of "I know you not"?

4th How do you explain Misheal's pastor?

5th Personally, I have witnessed many "saved" people renounce God, stop attending church, become followers of sciencetology, atheists, addicts, pursuing the world or the traditions of men. Also, I have seen many start to follow false religions and refute what they previously believed.

I am not attempting to be argumentive or disrespectful. I ask purely for edification.

God Bless you both and may your journey with the Holy Spirit be fruitful and rewarding.


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