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Chris's Daniel Chapter 7 comment on 6/11/2020, 4:55pm...

Thanks Paul for your further comments on this. They are appreciated & noted. I suppose Jesus' sweat could well have appeared as blood, or maybe, in a certain light stream, gave one the impression that it was blood. In any case, all this is speculation & has to be taken at face value but realizing that our Lord's agony was very real & the prospect of attending to & completing His Father's Plan for mankind, added to this grave task before Him.


Paul O's Daniel Chapter 7 comment on 6/11/2020, 12:31pm...

PAULO to Chris

I thank you from my heart that you took the time to give my question some thought. For Jesus to be a perfect sacrifice, there cannot be any kind of flaw. There is such a thing as a FLOP SWEAT, which is a common occurrence for anyone going through a serious traumatic time. I have had FLOP SWEATS... they are not rare and are not the result of medical condition, but the manifestation of a very trying and worrying time. During the Passover period, the head of a house would hand pick a LAMB that had no SPOT or FLAW, the lamb would be fully examined and checked on a regular basis for any kind of blemish. This process lasted a number of days, and when the head of the house was fully satisfied that the lamb was without flaw, then and only then would that lamb be sacrificed. These selected lambs were VISIBLY perfect. Jesus is the son of God. No one measures up. We all fall short, regardless. Any man on this earth would, and did pale in comparison. In the garden of Gethsemane Jesus was a stones throw away from his disciples, and he prayed alone. He briefly visited them on 2 occasions and found them sleeping. The third time was the last time and Jesus was about to be betrayed. If Jesus sweated blood, the disciples would have been shocked at the sight, as they would have thought he had been injured while they slept. This would have been recorded in detail. It was not. The man who wrote the LUKE account was either also asleep, or he was not there. This account can not be deemed as fact, but more like imaginative artistic description. The KJV of the Bible, is world renowned as being the most accurate translation, and my version says HIS SWEAT WAS AS IT WERE GREAT DROPS OF BLOOD FALLING TO THE GROUND... no one was there to see any blood fall, and it was never mentioned when he came back to the sleeping disciples.....ANY WAY, the blood and water out of the wound on Jesus's side was due to interior trauma that is caused by the act of crucifixion.


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