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Steve Schoenberger's Daniel Chapter 7 comment on 10/04/2022, 1:23pm...


you are struggling because you are placing yourself today in prophecy.

Prophecy was suspended at the stoning of Stephen.

Peter clearly was expecting the tribulation at any point.

They had sold all their houses and land and were expecting the tribulation to start.

God interrupted the prophecy program when he called Paul and revealed to him the mystery.

Prophecy cannot start back up till this age of grace is over.

The catching away of the body of Christ will initiate the prophetic clock to start back up.

Daniels 70th week is the last week to be fulfilled.

God's resumes his dealings with Israel at this point.

The mixing of these 2 programs and the allegorical approach to Biblical interpretation is the cause of this confusion.

Every date setter in history has been wrong.

This is because they started looking at the Bible literally but also put themselves in prophecy.

Paul is our Apostle in this age of Grace he calls mystery.

Learn this and you will understand prophecy better than you ever have.

Learn to rightly divide the Bible by Prophecy and Mystery not OT and NT.

This is the literal approach to Bible study.


Ron Fidge's Daniel Chapter 7 comment on 10/02/2022, 4:53pm...

I am persuaded that Daniel seventh chapter is unfolding in front of us in this Year of 2022. Because, Daniel 8:17,when interpreted correctly States, "Oh Son of man for at the 'edge of time' the vision shall be. That is where we are today, very close to the end of time!(10yrs.?) Daniel's 7th chapter follows suit. "Four great beast rise up out of the sea, (of humanity). Dan.7:4, first is like a lion(USA), Eagles wings plucked,(our liberties are going). 2nd. A Bear, 'Russia' - "arise, devour (Destroy) much flesh", 'Today's war is the beginning of what Russia is to do, Vs.5.' Then Dan. 6&7, Leopard (China), also the only beast in Rev.13:1-5, A Leopard with Bear feet (USSR) & Lions mouth, USA= (Bill Gates?).


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