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GiGi's Numbers Chapter 35 comment on 8/31/2023, 10:12pm...


How this placement of the Levites among the people typifies Christ who resides with His people and ever makes intercession for us to the Father. How dependable He is and how intimate is His priestly work for us. He knows what is going on in each of our lives, being ever-present and everywhere present. His ministry far exceeds that of the priest of Israel. They, being sinful, became corrupted with greed, pride, and puffed up. They became self-righteous and did not want to "mingle" with the unclean common folk. They added requirements to the law, amending what God decreed, and inserted traditions that led people further away for God rather than helping them draw near to God and practice service and worship to God that is according to what God has stated to be righteous. They became burdensome to the people rather than Jesus, who said to take His yoke upon us, which is easy and light. Jesus does not yoke us to enslave us, rather, He calls us to cleave to Him and live in freedom to worship God in Spirit and in Truth. He takes upon Himself our burdens and makes our hearts glad.


GiGi's Numbers Chapter 35 comment on 8/31/2023, 10:03pm...

In this chapter, YHWH instructs Moses to tell the people to set aside cities in each of their allotments for the Levites to reside in and have room to tend their flocks outside the city walls. There will be 48 cities in all, 6 of them will be cities of refuge for oen who kills by accident can flee for safety until they have a trial.

If one outright kills someone intentionally, this is murder, and the murderer is to be put to death. God takes it seriously when one is murdered. He did when Cain murdered Abel, bit let Cain live. For the Israelites, they are to carry out this death sentence on murderers without partiality. no murderer can be "bailed out" with money, bribe, or other type of exchange to rescind the death penalty.

YHWH says that unrequited murder defiles the land. It perverts justice and leads to wanton killing. This happens every week in so many cities, think of the many young men who are gunned down in Chicago, L.A., and other big cities every week. These murders are often done by other young people. How perverted our society has become when such young people have no value for life and think nothing of taking life from another. And then there are the drug cartels who murder so readily. Let's mention all of the babies aborted without the mom or doctors blinking an eye. There is so much blood-letting happening in our streets and the blood of the innocent cries out to God as Abel's did. God knows when every life starts and ends. He cares. And He wants society to deal justly with murderers. Yet in His mercy, He makes a way here for those who kill unintentionally to be safe until proven to have done so by accident or purposefully.

The cities for the Levites puts the priests in the midst of each tribe. They are there to be available to the spiritual needs of the families abiding around their cities. The High Priest, ark, and tabernacle are in one set place, but the other priests are to be in the midst of the people. They are to be readily available


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