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Patty Tozi's Numbers Chapter 35 comment on 6/14/2020, 9:35am...

Do you ever think about your life in these days? How close we are to losing our life faster then before. As the trees come down we will see more of God's creations die. So what does that mean? The less of God's creations our strength is harder to get. Unless you study and pray for our Heavenly Father to help us. Do not straddle the fence. Do not stop seeing day to day how God can take you away as we take His creations down. The sprays- the pollution..all killing us now slowly..or the silent virus that comes in a wink of an eye to get us. His warriors are struggling as we fight the evilness this world has become. We know now we live day to day. Never knowing without God close we would be gone in a wink of our eye. We most totally rely on our Father. Even our air we breathe. This world has turned way worse then l ever studied in 2012. Lies and deceit everywhere. Our God is our strength. Mankind our enemy. The evilness will show up right away if you have the light for strength around you to see. For everything will be exposed to you. Days going faster now-- have you noticed? Have you slowed down enough to really see the truth of our world now? Well, you should. Our life can end as fast as it began. So reach up to the Heavens always...not the world.


Mishael on 2nd Timothy 323-26's Numbers Chapter 35 comment on 6/13/2020, 10:24pm...

In 1962, I was 11. People were so fascinated with the space program that they didn't notice the old lady Atheist that caused God to be kicked out of the schools! No pledge of allegiance to the Flag of the United States; no singing America the Beautiful. Definitely no Bibles. No praying over lunch.

This is what DECADES without God has done for us. I don't need to make you a list.

Everybody and their gecko is out of the closet. How lovely for our children to be learning about sex in first grade; and I don't mean male/female.

LOOK at this nation!? There are active curses as described in Deuteronomy on this nation. The only reason we are hanging on by a hangnail is because United States blesses the Nation of Israel: the Apple of God's Eye. Mr Biden is against Israel. Which speeds up Heavens Clock. Why? Because of what is happening now all over the world. The Bible tells of 1/3 of earths population dying, in Revelation. 1/3 of our oceans are dying because of filth and dumped chemicals. Rain Forests are being burned down in South America. We're going to see more fires all over earth; floods; violent storms. This planet is on Heavens Schedule now. I feel it in my bones and some of you do too. Doesn't anyone read a balanced news source every day?

We can't just hop a plane and evangelize 3rd world countries anymore. Do we pray to God to open doors for it? Radio &Internet ministries need that money because they ARE getting through.

People see the Signs of THE TIMES we are living in NOW. Please.

Why are we commenting on flat earth and the Jews of Israel that are split now: 1/2 Jews; 1/2 Messianic Christians. We're making progress at least, because we await the completed Fulness of the Gentiles.

Can you see now what earth is going to look like with the Antichrist at the helm for the planet? Who wants to stick around for that ?!

Be careful. Co-VID is blooming again.


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