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Dgjot's Numbers Chapter 35 comment on 8/13/2022, 6:00am...

Thou shall not steal. But if you have no problem with people taking things that don't belong to them or that they didn't pay for, you should put all your stuff on the curb so the thief doesn't have to break into your dwelling to get it.


Chris's Numbers Chapter 35 comment on 8/12/2022, 4:52pm...

Amen. We can only look to God & trust Him to administer true justice. Even though lives can be extinguished early, whether in the womb or mature age, accompanied with the grief & anger that may be our emotion, we must ultimately leave the matter entirely with our Great Judge & know that however weak or deficient the Law might be, none will escape His dealings.

And from my own musings on this, I wonder how our law-makers, justices, & governments will stand before God, when they have failed to exact the correct punishment for the crime. When a rapist, child-molester, or murderer, for example, is eventually set free, to then commit those crimes again against other innocent people, I ask, does not the govt remain equally culpable to severe punishment by God as He also gives to the unrepentant criminal? What then is the difference between such govts & their acts, & those done by criminals? But it is somehow more convenient to us to turn a blind eye to all this, usually preferring to consider the well-being of the criminal rather than devastating effects of the crime done to innocent people. Of course, I take into account the possibility that even the Law is fallible; some being incarcerated in prison who are innocent of criminal behavior. But God does all things well & we can take comfort in Him & not in man.


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