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Sheyla's Philippians Chapter 4 comment about verse 17 on 7/01/2020, 10:46pm...

What is the purpose of the vision of Daniel regatdong the 4 mechanic visions.


Adam's Philippians Chapter 4 comment about verse 17 on 6/04/2020, 7:33pm...

>If Adam and Eve were the first two humans on earth, where did Cain find a wife?

The Bible already answered that. The land of Nod. Either Adam and Eve's children and grand children populated in that area or God may have created more people after Adam and Eve. But to assume that just because something is unspoken that there's automatically contradictions or multiple accounts sounds like a false assumption to me. For instance the Bible is a limited book to only so many pages. There's no room to document every single detail of everyone's life. For instance there's ages of Jesus' life that we don't have any information on, and it never said once that he went to the bathroom or took a shower. Does that automatically mean he didn't or that since the Bible omits it that it's untrue? No, that would be a false assumption.

Jews were God's chosen people which is why its distiguished from others. I don't understand why you think that discredits the book of Genesis.

>Why do we have different races on the planet after 6000 years of inter-breeding? A change in the location of a person does not make him a different race!

Why would you assume there's 6000 years of interbreeding? Have you ever read about the Tower of Babel? It says different languages were created and they were dispersed throughout the world. It seems likely to me that God also made different races/cultures and the Bible just doesn't mention it. So, Africans to Africa, Chinese to China, Indians to India, Russians to Russia, etc. To me that is most likely and just because it's not mentioned doesn't mean that the book of Genesis is flawed or has multiple accounts or contradicts itself. I think it's unlikely that 8 people on Noah's Ark covered all the variety of races and cultures and were separated geographically too. This happened post-flood. That's all I will answer at this time. God bless.


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