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BSP's Philippians Chapter 4 comment on 5/13/2022, 8:16am...

Verses 4 and 5-after stating the need to always rejoice, we see that moderation or reasonableness is mentioned here. This is important because if our expectations are not reasonable, we will not be able to rejoice.


GiGi's Philippians Chapter 4 comment on 4/06/2022, 1:53pm...

Adam, these are good words to us reading here, thanks.

I think the covid ordeal has caused many people to find themselves more isolated than they have ever been before. Some people, like my 88 year old mom, already live out a fairly isolated life and so the covid ordeal has not affected them too much. But others, especially those who are outgoing by nature, may find this period of isolation unbearable. Some who, prior to covid, entertained and fellowshipped with others regularly, and then have had to cease most of this. Each person has needed to adjust in their own situation.

But you are so right, we are never completely alone as a believer, because God is within us! You cannot get any closer than that!

Still, the absence of face to face contact with other people can lead some into depression and loneliness. Perhaps those who know people who are vulnerable to this should make extra efforts to call these people more often and have a real conversation on the phone, not just texting, or do facetime.

For me, an outgoing person who now am home all day, I am learning to be satisfied with being by myself and my husband, who works from home in his office during the day. I am learning to pray more, study God's word more, and research topics that come up on this forum. Participating on this forum has been helpful to me. I am learning to rest in the Lord more.


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