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Mild Bill's Numbers Chapter 10 comment on 2/19/2021, 6:12am...


" I may possibly be condemning my wife when my heart desires to preach conviction of sin instead. "

I was saved before my wife, I see your dilemma. Preach has a connotation that doesn't imply example. I recently heard the saying, "people don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care." When you both are before God's word, avoid your commentary and allow God's word to be the focus of her attention. In God's good time he does the saving, not you and your preaching. In this case I believe "actions speak louder than words." Loving your wife is a commitment not based on feeling. Meet her needs which are your responsibility and trust God to be at work on her needs that are his. I will be praying for you both.

"How may I discuss the what I'm understanding in the bible" As unsaved, she isn't the person to discuss those matters with, but ask God to provide that person or means to help you reflect on what you see in scripture, such as this site.

My wife was saved sometime after reading a gospel tract I had left with her. She was alone and holding our just delivered firstborn son in her hospital bed. God brought to her mind John 3:16 and then she thoroughly understood it's meaning. She immediatly called me to say she was saved, and that was perhaps three/four years after me getting saved. I worked at that hospital and was saved during work hours while on the rooftop, no more than forty feet from where her bed was. I was also born in that hospital, so I was born and born again there.

Having saved you, God will never leave or forsake you. Grow in his graciousness and thank him for his mercies.


Chris's Numbers Chapter 10 comment on 2/18/2021, 11:22pm...

Welcome to the family of God & it's so heartening to read that you're distressed about your wife's spiritual condition & actually doing something about it. Our mission field is first found in the home.

Can I assume that your love for each other is very real & that your wife knows this as you share from the Bible with her? And the "guilt & sorrow" she feels, is it because of the Spirit's convicting her heart of sin or because of the way you're presenting the Gospel to her? I say this, as you sense that your manner of presentation may be condemnatory & hurtful.

If she genuinely feels that the Word, as presented, is showing her the depth of her sin & estrangement from God, then this sorrow can only be of the Spirit. When one is convicted of sin, having God's displeasure, & hell as our destiny, that person needs to be led further towards repentance & seeking God for forgiveness. Is this her state? If so, let her open up to the Lord in her own words & in tears, that she may know that Divine forgiveness & newness of heart.

But if she is only troubled by your remarks, or your emphasis & condemnation for her failures, then I agree, you would need to take a more softer, understanding stance, as we all were once cast under God's Mercy & His gentle dealing with us. She is your wife & together, a single loving unit of humanity before God. She not only has the witness from the Word, but also by your life, behaviour, & heart's longing for her to come to saving faith. Only the Holy Spirit can bring conviction in a person & it's the same Spirit that gives faith to believe & a new birth in Christ. As you read those Scriptures that point to one's inherent sin & our impossible efforts to escape its rewards, you need to identify yourself to her as, "I was once that man".

Read the Scriptures together slowly & carefully - ask each other what they mean & how they apply. If she has questions that you feel you can't answer, then you both will need pastoral help, or even write here.


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