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GiGi's Numbers Chapter 10 comment on 4/29/2023, 8:10pm...

...cont. Pt. 3

After some discussion and expressing that they would like to return home to Midian, Hobab decides to go with the Israelites after all. How good this is-to go with YHWH and not turn back to the old ways, the old "home", according to your own reasoning and desires. Go with God! He is the way, the truth, and the life! And Jesus has gone before us to prepare a place for us!

The last part of this chapter is the departure from Mt. Sinai after spending a year there and traveled three days. Whenever they begin to go, Moses proclaims this prayer: "Rise up, LORD; let thine enemies be scattered; and let them that hate they flee before thee.

And when they rested, Moses proclaimed this prayer: "Return, O LORD, unto the many thousands of Israel." Moses prayed the same pray each time they would go on and each time the came to rest.

I think it is important for us to begin and end our days with prayer to God in similar fashion as Moses did. We can have our own words to ask God to scatter enemies before us as we start the day and for God to stay with us through the night as well as the day.

After three days of travel, they came to the wilderness of Paran. I don't know how far this was, but I can't imagine that this large group could travel more than 20-30 miles in one day, needing to stop necessary things, such as meals, and sleep at night.

If anyone has info on the distance, I would appreciate that.

The Israelites were finally on the move nearer to the Promised land after spending a year at Sinai to receive and agree to the covenant YHWH set before them. They needed time to learn the Law and to adjust their life to the routine of the tabernacle services of Aaron and the priests. They needed Moses' instructions. They needed to instruct their children. This all took time and a year is hardly a long time to do all of this, it seems. But God determined it was time to move on and live the life He has set forth for them.

We, too, need to move on to maturity.


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This order of procession was necessary for several million people to proceed in an orderly, safe, and most important, obedient way. No one was to run ahead or take a side route or go off exploring. But it was essential to let the LORD be the only guide, submitting to His authority and wisdom without objection, half-hearted obedience, grumbling, or doubting His will.

We, too, should be careful to submit ourselves to the lead of God in us and in the truth of His word, and in the godly counsel He send to us to give us guidance and help. Being surrendered to God whole-heartedly is tough to do, if I may be honest. But as we grow in faith and love of Him we can live surrendered to Him more and more of our time and in more and more circumstances.

Israel's safety and the successful arrival at the promised land was completely dependent on YHWH. It was wise of them to remember this.

We have a Promised Land to come to also, the New Heavenly Jerusalem that Abraham looked forward to arriving at (He. 11:13-16) This chapter in Hebrews speaks about the faith that God is desiring for us to have in Him. In this chapter we can know what type of faith we need to have to please God (vs.4-6); the type of faith that will lead us into obedience to God (vs. 7-12); this same faith that gives us the sureness of heaven as our inheritance according to God's promises (vs. 13-16); faith that causes is to believe God's promises (vs. 17-30); and tenacious faith to overcome trials, troubles, and hardships as the saints did (vs. 31-40).

Before setting out from Mt. Sinai (after camping there for a year), Moses entreats His brother -in-law, Hobab to accompany them into the promised land, saying that they will be blessed by YHWH along with the Israelites there. At first Hobab, son of Jethro, (also called, Reuel, and here called Reguel),...

At the end of this chapter, the Israelites arrived at the wilderness of Pran


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