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Richard H Priday's James Chapter 5 comment on 2/17/2022, 4:36am...

The focus of the first 11 verses are on patience; and characteristics of behaviors that are warnings; particularly for the last days before the judgments of the Tribulation. The danger of heaping up precious metals such as gold and silver for treasure (v. 3) is that it can suddenly be devalued (as is likely once the Mark of the Beast occurs and all currency is eliminated). This; along with any other provisions are only blessed by God if done in faith; if we somehow think we can survive God's time of wrath this way we are sorely mistaken.

Verses 4 through 6 again are pertinent whether we are discussing dictatorships today; or Caliphates that are still harboring slaves. Lest we think the United States is exempt; there has been a history of migrant workers receiving unjust wages; and sex slavery traffic flowing through our country as well. We have also for our own gain been complicit with other nations that enact such practices.

Verses 7 through 11 once again state the theme of patience; with a focus on suffering as Job did; with instruction not to complain in verse 9; but also the theme throughout this book is on how the poor are characteristic of those who are saved. We must remember that even if someone does have wealth; they can still be saved; but also Christ's admonitions about the ensnaring tendencies of such a person; and those who walked away because the comforts of this world were put above the Kingdom of God.

Verse 12 once again shows how our oaths and vows are not to be taken lightly. This shows that things such as a marriage covenant made before God brings condemnation should we think we have the authority to enter into another relationship when the spouse is still alive. We only need to look to the Gibeonites and the vow of a man in regard to the first thing coming out of his house as being dedicated to the Lord in the Old Testament to see the necessity of keeping even foolish vows to God. The rest of the chapter shows effective prayer.


Apostolic Evangelist's James Chapter 5 comment on 2/17/2022, 4:17am...

Dear Juames many Christian today pray only when they need things of this world. You can Not pray for the material world for that world belongs to satan. God knows what you need dear Child. Just pray the Lords prey that is all.

What you need God will see to it, Not what you want from this material world.....our Father God knows your name and you will not go without and if you do go without he is testing you child. For we are tested everyday for he looks for our Faith in him.

Thats how he strengthens your faith when we go without for a little while.....

God bless you


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