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Mario Sanchez's James Chapter 5 comment about verse 14 on 6/25/2020, 4:11pm...

Pastor Chris, I am glad you got my message.

I really appreciate your kind words of confirmation, and receive them, and accept them as true and sing the victory of the Lord.

I thank the Lord for his mercy every minute that I have a chance to stop and pray.

I made a promise to tell the world about his miracle, and you can count on that.

It is going to be awesome and powerful. God has set me on fire.


Chris's James Chapter 5 comment about verse 14 on 6/24/2020, 11:56pm...

Mario. Praise the Lord for what He has done in your life & for your healing. 'Thy faith hath made thee whole & it is truly the Lord's Doing & it is marvellous in our eyes.' What an impetus to your love & faith in Him: that it may increase day by day & that you may prove Him faithful in every area of your life. Trust that your testimony to your Fellowship on the Lord's Day will be powerful & that it might be just the word from the Lord to someone struggling in their faith & God's Power.

Psalm 100 for you.


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