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PD's James Chapter 5 comment about verse 14 on 2/12/2021, 12:21am...

Please tell the people to stop cremating People. This is a violation of God's Children. True believers are given power to raise the dead People have come to life in morgues. People Ave come back out of deep comas. Stop embalming people and bury them whole and wrap them in spices and leave them whole. I died in my sleep and Thank God I called on The name of Jesus and he brought me back to life I am a living witness. I am so glad I knew to call on him because the people would have call sometime and that would be it. Until the resurrection. Jesus is so Real. Stop Cremation leave people the way they are remove nothing. LET God BE MAGNIFIED.


PD's James Chapter 5 comment about verse 14 on 1/31/2021, 2:46pm...

This for Mario Sanchez:

Thanks for your testimony. I wish all my friends who have been diagnosed with cancer and other illness could hear your testimony. This is the time for us to Let God Be Magnified and I pray God give you the platform to reach millions. I have lost many friends who were diagnosed after mammograms. They were doing just fine and then you turn around and they are gone. God made us and he certainly can cure us. Yes God is real and watching every move mankind is making. I also want to share this with ou. Every morning I would Praise God for a new day by beating on an old steel cooking vessel. Well I did this for a couple of years and then one morning as I was beating my familiar chant , there was extra music, almost a whistling song coming from this thing. I was like Woah, really? I kept on beating and the extra music kept on going til I stopped. To this day I give God the Glory there is no other explanation. After that I was actually afraid to do it again it was so powerful.


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