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T Levis's James Chapter 5 comment on 10/22/2022, 2:06am...

Please, read it again. Break it down, James 5:16, "confess your faults" "one to another" "and pray for one another" "that you may be healed" "the effectual fervert prayer" "of a righteous man" "availeth much"

Going back a few scriptures also James 1:13,14,15, is any among you sick?

Confession to an effectual praying righteous man. Praying for one another to be healed. It seems to say, someone you know is righteous that has results when they pray. Especially for healing.

Sometimes we just need to admit to others we've been wrong, fallen short, struggle, messed up, etc. Sometimes when we just admit simple faults, there is freedom & inner healings. I don't think it's biblical or wise to give detailed accounts of sin. Ephesians 5,

Hopefully these are helpful


T Levis's James Chapter 5 comment on 10/22/2022, 1:37am...

Psalms 139:1-18,

Hopefully this is helpful


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