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Ronald Whittemore's Revelation Chapter 17 comment on 1/07/2022, 8:47am...

Amen to that GiGi,

God bless,



Gigi's Revelation Chapter 17 comment on 1/06/2022, 7:17pm...

Hi Ronald

I agree that we need to ready ourselves for the coming trials.

I mentioned recently to my pastor's wife (a dear friend) that we should be training our children up to be mature not Bible School buddies knowing what may lie ahead for them.

Studying the lives of the martyrs should be encouraged and we should be aware of how and where Christians are being persecuted and martyred today.

You are right, we need to have a faith that is tough enoughbtobendure many hardships, trials, etc . As the apostles and believers of the early centuries.

May we all be strengthened and made bold in these times


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