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Steve Meehan's Revelation Chapter 17 comment on 9/07/2022, 3:24am...

You are so right Chris. I only hope that a great many Catholics will be saved after the Rapture of the true Body of Christ to Heaven. They will see - hopefully, once and for all - that they have been deceived by the Roman religion and will finally cling to Christ alone for their salvation. May the good Lord open their eyes, as He did for me, that they will flee from the bondage of the papal system and put their complete trust in the King of kings and the Lord of lords and His free gospel of grace.


Chris's Revelation Chapter 17 comment on 9/06/2022, 6:35pm...

Amen Steve. Roman Catholicism has sufficiently perverted the Truth & ensnared it's adherents for too long leaving most incapable, even unwilling, to break free.

That the papacy in recent times permitted the laity to read the Scriptures for themselves, when only the clerics were once empowered to read & give understanding to it, was an important event to the freeing of many. No doubt many are now hearing from God's Word as 'thus saith the Lord ' and not, 'thus saith the Church '. That Christ is sacrificed at every Mass would rank very high on the list of RC abominations. But God is able to set many free as they consider the true state of their souls.


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