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Sylvia y Hyatt-Gary's Deuteronomy Chapter 19 comment on 10/22/2020, 8:17am...

In this chapter, is this the Mosetic law?


Chris's Deuteronomy Chapter 19 comment on 5/16/2020, 11:35pm...

Hi Richard, you've touched on a portion of Scripture that I often recall with heaviness, especially in light of our modern judicial system. What you read there in Deut 19, was a wonderful law & provision to all caught up in a crime. It appears to me as one that was very fair & just, given the lack of forensic & other means of crime investigation that was available to them. The fact that both wilful & accidental deaths were dealt with, is noteworthy. And the need for two witnesses, with the caveat that if any gave a false witness, they too would receive similar punishment, is something our present system could well learn from.

But to your matter: I'm not familiar with the usage of this verse amongst the JWs, but I can see where they & any other religious group, could use it for their wicked ends. Or, even take the RC ruling of anonymity between clergy & laity, how this has been abused where the rule overrides the sin/crime being committed. What can one say, except when seeing or hearing of such tragedies, one can only wonder as to the type of 'religion' practised by those perpetrators of crime, whether there is any guilt at all, or more likely, believing that neither man nor God has observed their wickedness or has an interest in it. And you're right, how can a child in that situation, even if old enough, ever bring out two or three witnesses; fear itself would compel a child to not speak up. The bottom line is that our justice system has so deteriorated over the decades, that it now does little more than give a 'slap on the wrist' & this only to indicate that they view the act committed as a crime & that both the criminal & the victim are to be treated equally!! I could go on & on with this, but it only brings on more despair.


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