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SkipVought's Acts Chapter 18 comment on 3/11/2021, 3:57pm...


These books that you are referring to are called Apocrypha books, written in the four centuries between the Old and New Testaments. They were not regarded as inspired by the Jewish people, nor did the Apostles and early church fathers.

St Jerome was persuaded, against his original intention, to include the Apocrypha in his Vulgate Latin translation of the Scriptures, completed about 405 AD.

They were never considered canonical by any church body until the Roman Catholic Church officially recognized the Apocrypha at the Council of Trent in the mid 1500s, as a reaction to The Protestant Reformation.

They can be informative and helpful, but are not considered to be God-Breathed Scripture; not EVER part of The Canon.


Alfreda's Acts Chapter 18 comment on 3/10/2021, 6:22pm...

yes, good evening. Can you explain why or who is to say, that the bibles books that were taken out, was information needed to make the whole bible work in another demention, then how its used today.


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