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Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 47 comment on 11/18/2022, 8:26pm...

Psalm 47.

This once again seems to focus on the future Millennium reign. His "triumph" in verse 1 results in being King over the earth (v. 2); and then subduing people under Him (verse 3). The concept of His ruling with an iron rod is in Psalm 2:9 and also found in multiple passages in Revelation.

The inheritance of His choice in verse 4 ties in with the eternal covenant with Abraham in Genesis 15:18. These have yet to be completed; they were only partially so during Solomon's reign and then eventually the nation split between Israel and Judah and there were multiple invasions and diasporas. The term "shields" seems to represent the protective aspect of God especially in the area where Christ rules in the Holy mountain during the Millennium. This is seen in Isaiah 2:2 but also envisioned in many other scriptures especially Zechariah. Isaiah 11 and 65 discuss even the animals submitting; along with no one causing harm in this place at that time. Obviously after this time in eternity nowhere will anyone cause harm once the heavenly city descends to earth and we have a final new heaven and earth. Agape.

Verses 5 through 8 discuss shouting and singing praises and repeats the theme in verse 8 of God "ruling over the heathen" as well as sitting on His throne.

The princes in the last verse could well represent the church as we are to rule and reign as kings and priests (Rev. 1:6 etal).


GiGi's Psalms Chapter 47 comment on 2/11/2022, 9:13pm...

Hello Betty,

While it is true that some of the clan of Korah, a Levite, led a rebellion against Moses and Aaron in the wilderness, not all of the descendants of Korah rebelled and were swallowed up by the earth. The clan of Korah were musicians, composers of songs/hymns/psalms. They often led the Israelites in processions of worship. They were the "worship leaders" of the time".

Apparently, in the incident of rebellion, most of Korah's clan rebelled. They seemed to not be satisfied with their divinely appointed duties of being the Lord's musicians and singer/songwriters. They wanted what was not theirs to have, more leadership, prestige, and power.

But the ones who did not rebel continued in their appointed service to the LORD and David tells of how glad he was to go up to the house of the LORD with these musicians. David also was a musician, but not a Levite, therefore he could not lead the worship. How he would have loved to be given such an opportunity! But he accepted his place as king, and continued as a musician, writing many psalms, dancing before the LORD, shouting and clapping to the music before the LORD.

I think each of us need to learn God's call on our lives and serve in the capacity He gives us without coveting what others get to do. We can do our best in our given area of service and be thankful for the service of others in their given areas. We can rejoice and celebrate the varied gifts, talents, and skills of others. We are all being built into a holy "house" of the LORD as we all are fit together according to His plan.


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