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Chris's Romans Chapter 12 comment on 6/05/2022, 7:33pm...

I believe so, Rodney. If you go to the tab, 'Christian Life' (under the main Tab, Discussion), you will find a recent post from the KJBO Admin of how to access the Strong's Numbers & Concordance search.


Rodney H. Lorang's Romans Chapter 12 comment on 6/05/2022, 6:53pm...


Jesus is alive and soon to come again, yet, there is a slight delay: He longs to see more repentance in the lives of His people: II Chron 7:14


Does kingjamesbibleonline.org have a prompt that will display a word meaning from the Strong's Exhaustive Concordance?

Giving thanks always to God and the Father through his precious son Jesus Christ!

Thank you, R


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