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Exodus Chapter 16


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BSP's Exodus Chapter 16 comment on 10/29/2020, 1:15pm...

Even though the Israelites murmured against God, he still showed them love and provided for them.


Carleton's Exodus Chapter 16 comment on 9/10/2020, 7:41am...

Dear Andy, that is true. It is as you preach and I speak, that proper faith and repentance leads men to eternal peace, this is in the Word. The Word is not offensive is is a guide and it will never be separate from Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit. Andy, I have met many professing Christians over the years that have a very pointed message that was revealed to the by God for everyone else. It is common. Many humble servants of God remember themselves publicly as weak vessels as they handle God's Word for the benefit of edification and love for others. Regarding man-made institutions, please remember that everything is God's dust, he can give Life where he pleases and how he pleases and when he pleases all with the hope of Life everlasting in his Son, Jesus Christ who suffered in and on the cross for your salvation and the salvation of all who would come to Him as little children. Like Samuel, I heard his voice as a child and came to Him in due time. I have the peace of the Holy Spirit residing upon me and in me. It is my testimony of His Truths.



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