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Chris's Exodus Chapter 16 comment about verse 29 on 1/14/2021, 10:40pm...

For the Jews & those today (me excluded) who believe in maintaining the Sabbath Day, then there's no stipulation about remaining in one's house. The Jewish leaders of Jesus' day decreed that a Jew could walk (not ride a donkey) from their 'city limits' as far as 2000 cubits (= 3,500 ft, or 0.6 mile) on the Sabbath. Then some others proposed a further law: that if there were houses within that distance of .6 mile, then if the distance between each house was no more than 112 ft, then one could keep walking. This means, if a Jew planned his trip well, he could actually travel between two cities or communities if there were some appropriately placed houses in-between.

So if you believe that you need to "keep the Sabbath", then there should be no problem about moving about, whether around your home or within the city. The key feature of the Sabbath was that no manual work was to be performed or any engagement in buying or selling of goods. And certainly in an emergency or doing another some good, Jesus gave the authority to reach out & to work (Matthew 12:10-14).


Charles Johnson's Exodus Chapter 16 comment about verse 29 on 1/14/2021, 5:08pm...

Sorry In reference to this precept

let no man go out of his place on the seventh day


Does this mean we are to stay in a house on the Sabbath without leaving unless it's emergency?


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