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Ruby Lea Read's Exodus Chapter 16 comment on 3/08/2023, 11:39am...

Mervis Newby"

There is not a person; other than Christ, that has not blasphemed God's name.

It's all about coming to "TRUTH" so we don't blaspheme his name.

It's all about what Christ did for us at HIS resurrection and coming to that "TRUTH".

You DIED with Christ, you were resurrected with Christ.

You and Christ become ONE by that resurrection, you were married to Christ, by that resurrection, you became the wife of Christ, by that resurrection, by marriage you NOW BEAR the NAME OF CHRIST.

You were baptised by the Holy Spirit IN THE NAME OF JESUS.

John 17:22 And the GLORY that thou gavest ME, I have GIVEN to THEM (my wife), that THEY may be ONE even as WE are ONE.

Colossians 1:27 ...this MYSTERY ....of the HIS resurrection ...... CHRIST IN YOU ......

BELIEVE what God did for YOU, and you will never blaspheme GOD'S NAME.



Mervis Newby's Exodus Chapter 16 comment on 3/08/2023, 7:15am...

Please explain Lk 12:20

If a blasphemer repents will God forgive him?


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