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Mountain Preacher's Judges Chapter 16 comment about verse 17 on 8/13/2021, 2:10am...

Well ask ourselves why didn't Samson simply get away from Deliah. The same reason that you and I don't forsake the sin that tempts us the most. We think that we are stronger than the sin that lures US away from God. Thus we lose our strength with God. Repentance and walking in the Spirit is the only way to overcome it . .


David's Judges Chapter 16 comment on 6/20/2021, 12:37pm...

The other point that can be made here is something many parents wonder about. Samson's asked the Lord for directions on how to raise their son. They were given the instructions and giving them the benefit of the doubt they did diligently.

However, Samson strayed and we know the story and the final outcome. My point is although the parents and family are God fearing, the child can, and many do, stray away from faith.

On the other side of the coin- parents and families may be ungodly and don't know God; however, the child and many do, find faith and strength in the Lord.

What do we do fathers, mothers? We trust in the Lord and all of His promises. We read, pray, and trust in the Lord God Almighty. It's not over till death.

Thank you for your promises and for your Word.


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