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Jimers's Psalms Chapter 118 comment on 2/12/2021, 9:35am...

It would be difficult for me to visualize that ( type sex will rule the earth for 42 months)

Although your thought on that subject makes good spiritual sense to me, pertaining

to a perverted type sexual activity.

900 years ago there was a group who almost took over the earth as it was at that time.

They went through Turkey where the 7 churches of Revelation are located and gave people

an ultimatum. Either they changed or their throats were cut. Christians were under the gun or

pehaps I should say the knife. Bothered me for some time somewhat. Then I saw the articles on

You Tube about caves under some of the towns in Turkey....

One cave entry went to an area underground that could house up to 25,000 humans. Isn't that neat?

Then there are caves underground of course, that go to other towns a long way away.

Now my original question is about a prophesy ( The beast that was wounded and now healed will rule for

that 42 months. That is part of God's prophesy which has to eventually occur. Perhaps that happens

after Jesus has come back for His people , who will be out of harms way. One place it says most will follow that

beast because there are just too many of them to fight against. Then later there is a reference to those who

follow that beast will be in the lake of fire eventually with satan and the false prophet. (Notice I don't like to capitalize the word satan.) /// That is kind of the key to the choices made by Christians during that time.

The choice: either to join the beast to save ones life or to refuse to join and risk having ones throat cut. Steven made that choice kind of...... before he was stoned. Steven could easily have said Jesus is fictatious and they would have immediately made him a hero on their shoulders but he stood fast under Gods wing and died a martyr.

In Revelation John was taken to where he could see parts of heaven.... he saw those who had lost their heads for the sake of the kingdom.


S Spencer's Psalms Chapter 118 comment on 2/11/2021, 9:33pm...

Marilyn, in what way did commit fornication?? tell us plainly, was it a certain act they done or eas it with the devil?


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