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Peter halliday's Ephesians Chapter 1 comment on 6/21/2022, 1:55am...

Sure and I will second that. We all are given free will but Marke there are also people who are evil doers without knowing but if they come to the Lord and Faith they can always ask for forgiveness. The Lord loves all his creation even the most heathen. What they must do is come to him and Ask. That is what the Lord asks. Like in this pandemic we see the vaccine. Now if you look at the word Temptation Marke if you exhaust this word you will see that Rebeling against God is in fact to experiment on diseases when the Lord asks you to come to him. 2 peter 2 9 Temptation. Now I prefer to commit to the Father of all creation so he can call me his child. I come to think how many have took this vaccine and still haven't turned to the Father.

5043 tknon - properly, a child; (figuratively) anyone living in full dependence on the heavenly Father, i.e. fully (willingly) relying upon the Lord in glad submission. This prompts God to transform them into His likeness.


Marke's Ephesians Chapter 1 comment on 6/21/2022, 12:43am...

Some Christians believe that whatever happens only happens because God designed for it to happen and that nothing happens that is not God's will to happen. I do not agree.


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