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GiGi's Ephesians Chapter 1 comment on 11/28/2022, 3:41pm...

Hello, J.W. Morgan.

It is very likely that the climate did change after the flood. The surface of the earth was most likely very different. Mountain ranges may have been pushed up on land and sea, which would affect climate. The waters that were above the earth held in the firmament had burst open. So, these waters were no longer intact, which would allow much more sunlight and ultraviolet light. May have affected the oxygen levels in the air and also the air pressure. Also, the changes in the atmosphere would produce storms, hurricanes, etc. that did not occur pre-flood. These would have an affect on humanity after the flood.


J w morgan's Ephesians Chapter 1 comment on 11/28/2022, 7:49am...

Ezekiel found a door chapter 8 Behind the door was all manner of dead and Evil and idols it was. The Temple whwith the leaders inside take heed among yourselves and I will take heed with myself be careful God is not mocked. I heard a radio preacher tell a lady the reason men didn't live as long after Noah's Ark was because of climate change I think he sent that woman on a road without the power of God I pray she recovers from the voice of Dead m e n and what do you say


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