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Deuteronomy Chapter 11


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David's Deuteronomy Chapter 11 comment on 5/27/2021, 7:15pm...

The main element we can take away from the current reading is we must be born again according to Scripture.

All the encouragement, chiding, blessings and cursings are only given to the children of Israel. Nothing was said to the inhabitants of Canaan. If a person was not a member of the children of Israel then the blessings, cursings were not for them.

God gives us reminders, guidance, blessing, discipline, and corrections because you are saved and His child. God's only directive to the lost is to be saved!


Bruce Lee Blankenship's Deuteronomy Chapter 11 comment about verse 20 on 1/18/2021, 8:36pm...

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What are the words that I must write on the door posts and gate(s) of my house? Is it the Ten Commandments ? Thank you.


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