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Psalms Chapter 121


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Jack Porter's Psalms Chapter 121 comment on 1/13/2021, 7:07pm...

My eyes

My help

My keeper

My preserver


Nina's Psalms Chapter 121 comment on 12/30/2020, 10:11pm...

When I fearest that which consumes me I look to God in Heaven and cry know that He has Never left me nor forsaken me, even when I may not see it nor feel it. I Love his Insurance for me when evil seems to prevail all around me & Hearing him speak to me when I'm @ my weakest saying "I have you, Allow me to move in you to show you the way because My Yoke is Easy & My Burden is Light" This year Has been rough but God has Prevailed through it all. May your will be done in my Family's Life. I will Sing & Rejoice and be Glad in Him.Bye-Bye 2020


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