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GiGi's Exodus Chapter 28 comment about verse 16 on 8/16/2022, 8:57pm...

Exodus ch. 28

In this chapter God directs Moses in how to make the priestly garments of Aaron, the High Priest for the Israelites, and his sons, who were priests. Again, the instructions are very exacting and the garments contained intricacies. The garments were for beauty and honor for the high priest. I think of Jesus being clothed in majesty and power to whom all glory and honor and praise is given in worship. I think of how it is said that God wraps Himself in light and splendor. Certainly the High Priest would stand out among the people as very special and necessary for their relationship with YHWH. Jesus, too, stands out among all humans as absolutely special (incomparable worth) and is necessary for any human in one's relationship with God.

I looked up a few of the words that I did not recognize:

ouches were like buttons for fastening

mitre is a twisted length of linen that is wound around the head-like a turbin

girdle is like a sash or belt of linen

ephod is two pieces of cloth joined at the shoulders with the onyx stones fastened to the other piece.

the gold piece for the forehead was a type of crown and it said "Holiness to the Lord"

habergeon-a vestment of chain metal for protection and so that the ephod cannot be rent.

I think that there is probably much symbolism represented in the High Priest garments to represent our Lord Jesus.

What stands out to me is that these garments most likely represent Jesus' purity-fine linen; heavenly existence prior to the incarnation and after the ascension-blue in the cloth; His deity-gold in the cloth; His sovereign as King of King-purple in the cloth; and His Messiahship for Israel-scarlet in the cloth.

The preciousness of those Whom the Father gave to Jesus (believers) in the stones on the breastplate over the High Priest's heart.

The absolute Holiness of Jesus as being set apart from before the creation of the world to be our Savior to reconcile us back to the Father in the golden plate (crown).


Emily's Exodus Chapter 28 comment on 9/15/2020, 9:15am...

Wow all that gold would have been very heavy!!Its neat how God gave clear directions how to build the tabernacle and the ark.


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