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PASTOR FREDERICK ARNETT's 2 Kings Chapter 5 comment on 1/31/2021, 3:38am...

God's commandment: thou shalt not covet.

You want Naaman's stuff, you end up with the whole package. By extension your seed too.

Be content and wait for God. His blessings maketh rich and added no sorrow.


Bro Colt Vaughn's 2 Kings Chapter 5 comment about verse 3 on 9/09/2020, 2:11pm...

This story provides much edification for the believer today. As others have already pointed out, the maiden of Israel was mightily used by God. Though she was oppressed in a land not her own, she remembered the God of her people. When she saw the ailing of her master, she did not rejoice in his suffering but rather took pity. She shared with her mistress, her earnest desire for Naaman to be healed. She knew that the merciful almighty God of Israel would work through his man to restore Naaman if he were with him in Samaria.

Also, we see the simplicity of salvation pictured in the heathen Naaman and his instructions to be made whole of leprosy. The healing power was not in the waters of Jordan but in the power of almighty God that rewarded Naaman's faithful obedience to wash seven times in Jordan. God's only requirement of man for salvation is obedience to the gospel call. Notice this in Romans 10:9-13. This is also lovingly displayed in the story of the thief on the cross. Ephesians 2:8-9 reinforces that salvation is by grace through faith. The faith isn't even something we drum up in ourselves but rather is cultivation of the Word of God in our heart by the Holy Spirit. Salvation is of the Lord. Faith is of the Lord. He simply requires that man repent (take sides with God against yourself) and call upon him to be saved.

Notice how the pride and anger of Naaman nearly cost him his healing. Also, he longed for religious showmanship from the prophet. He wanted to see him do a mighty work and tantalize his flesh. This is not unlike the people of our world today that seek religious entertainment instead of sound doctrine and edification from the Lord. Thankfully, Naaman yielded to the humble entreaties of his servants and obeyed the man of God.

I would also draw attention to Gehazi and how he seeks to increase his personal wealth and to afflict Naaman. There are many that walk in Gehazi's spirit in the church world today, preying upon the flock of God.


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