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Chris's Ezra Chapter 4 comment on 11/28/2020, 3:06pm...

The possible answers to your questions relate to other names that have been associated with these Persian kings or a lack of chronological listing of events in Ezra, etc. Rather than share what is on the Web, could I direct you to: apologeticspress. In their Search box, type in: Kingly Chronology in the Book of Ezra. There'll be ample information there for you to consider & formulate an understanding.


Joyce brothers's Ezra Chapter 4 comment on 11/28/2020, 8:26am...

I dont understand the order of the kings of Persia - the building of the house of god started

1st year of Cyrus (chapter 1) then in Chapter 4 speaks of false accusations being sent to

Artaxerxes which seems to me as the 4th king after Darius and Ahasuerus. Then in Chapter 4 24 it says the work ceased 2nd year of reign of Darius which to me seems like the 2nd king.

Please explain.


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