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Psalms Chapter 59


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Christian's Psalms Chapter 59 comment on 2/06/2021, 6:50am...

God is your shield and he protects you night and day. I pray that he sends a good and faithful friend to you, to be a helper and

comforter with you in all your struggles. I send all demons that have been harrassing you to be bound in chains and sent to the abyss now by the authority of Jesus name. I ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and comfort you and be with you always. in Jesus name.


Rhonda Shields's Psalms Chapter 59 comment on 12/15/2020, 9:29pm...

Why am I being curse and can't nobody see what's going on in this city of new Orleans?people are after me every day nd no body is here for me but GOD.Thank you Father in the name of JESUS.


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