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GiGi's Exodus Chapter 38 comment about verse 8 on 10/02/2022, 4:22pm...

Exodus Chapter 38,

This Chapter continues with describing what Bezalel and his assistant, Aholiab, made for the tablernacle.

It also speaks of the total amounts of gold, silver, and bronze used to create these items. I do not know how much a talent or bekah is. But I think that the total amounts were probably a large and costly amount.

I know that the tabernacle and all of the furnishings are representations of what is in heaven. And I do believe that whet is in heaven is outstandingly glorious. So, perhaps that is why God had the earthly tabernacle be so elaborate and costly. Even so, perhaps He also wanted the Israelites to invest these very valuable metals in Him, and not hold on to them for monetary security. Their treasure was now invested in God and they will come to know Him as their priceless treasure. The costliness of these furnishings pale in comparison to the value of God.


Walter's Exodus Chapter 38 comment on 12/30/2019, 6:40am...

What group of souls are you referring to?


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