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David's Judges Chapter 10 comment on 6/10/2021, 6:04am...

The character of our God and Savior, The Lord Jesus Christ can be gleaned from the story of Gideon. The Lord uses the weak so that He can rev'd the Glory due to Him. So that we can see and know it is His vast Wisdom, Mercy, and Loving kindness that gives me comfort and peace. Especially in this time of world wide pandemic and lack of spiritual leadership from our leaders in most levels of government, social, and ecclesiastical areas of our lives. June 2021


Eric Lopez's Judges Chapter 10 comment on 3/10/2021, 10:43pm...

It's sad to see where Israel overcame in Egypt to where they are now.

I was shocked when I read the part of God telling them go and have the Gods you follow to relieve you of your oppression since you have forsaked me. I was reacting as if watching a movie with the response of "you tell them God!". God is the true real OG.


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