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Alex N's John Chapter 16 comment on 5/25/2022, 11:19am...

In my mind i see this John 16 : 13 as very enlightning...Jesus was telling them of the spirit of truth that cannot speak of himself and that is b/c the spirit of truth cannot speak for a while simply b/c he is a Child that is gona be born in us...An infant

.....Jeremiah 1 : 6 Then said ah LORD GOD behold i cannot speak for i am but a Child...Jeremiah cd not speak for a while and he was symbolic of the manchild the spirit of truth that is gonna rule all nations...Jeremiah was just symbolic of that child of PROMISE which is the H.G. That is gona rule all nations...She brought forth a man child that is gona rule all nations...Rev.12 : 5 .

....This is telling us we much be bornagain,...We must birth a lil Child which is the H.G THAT IS GONNA BE BORN IN US...The spirit of truth is gonn be born in us via the seed of Christ Jesus...Thats y Jesus mentions the babes and sucklings as they cannot speak for a while.

.....Jeremiah 30 : 6 ..Ask ye now if a man doth travail with Child, Y DO I SEE EVERY MAN WITH THEIR HANDS ON THEIR LOINS AS WOMAN IN TRAVAIL....This is telling us there is an infant in our future a baby Christ...Thats y Jesus said these things are hid from the wise and prudent but revealed unto babes, infants that cannot speak for a lil while.

.....Alas for that day is GREAT there is none like it it is a time of JACOBS TROUBLES...Who is this JACOB...Its the 3 rd person the H.G. that is gonna be born in us That heavenly Jacob the H.G that ISRAEL OF GOD...The spirit of truth that is gonna rule all nations....But he is just an infant...our new born babe...But he is just like baby Jermiah that cd not speak for a while..

.....Y am i telling ya all this, simply b/c we are gona birth the spirit of truth that Child of Promise..An infant that cannot speak for a while....He answers to Gal. 4 : 1 The heir as long as he is a Child he differs nothin from a servent THO HE BELORD OF ALL...but is under governors and tutors till the time appointed of the father...thats th H.G.


Spunky's John Chapter 16 comment on 5/25/2022, 7:05am...

I have to admit I have never read the Quran; therefore, I cannot speak on it. However, as a Child of God, I've never been led to read it or follow anyone but JESUS. God wrote the living word of the BIBLE and I have read it, somewhat studied it, and hopefully live to God's pleasing. With that said right there, and as a Christian, you drive a moot point for a Christian; for I cannot serve two Gods/masters:

Luke 16:13 No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

The BIBLE is the Living Word of God and is ONE Master/Holy Trinity. I'm sorry, but Muhammad/man doesn't decide who is "glorified" and get to write his own bible. From what little I have learned about Muhammad, he took similar teachings of God/Jews and manipulated them for his own following but claimed God; hence the conversation, division, and another book called the Quran.

This is why there's only ONE GOD and ONE BIBLE --anything outside of this is deception or false. Sometimes it's so simple, but leave it to man to complicate/manipulate.

I pray that you will ask Jesus to reveal Himself to you and His truth, not Muhammad's.

Besides that, and here's the common sense of God's simplicity; where is Muhammad's name in God's book? https://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/search.php?hs=1&q=Muhammad+

On top of that you call him a "prophet," but yet God has no "Muhammad" in His book --that speaks volumes to me. Case closed. I pray it will you too.

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