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Jeremiah Chapter 17


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Michael homan's Jeremiah Chapter 17 comment on 10/06/2020, 8:08pm...

The bottom line in this chapter,Is,..Do not work on Sundays.

It means very much to God.

it takes more than words to show him Love

few can refrain from working or doing there normal,on Sundays

but those that do

are Blessed.


Ernestine Dangerfield's Jeremiah Chapter 17 comment about verse 14 on 9/04/2020, 12:52pm...

Thank you LORD JESUS for healing our hearts. You are our only healer. You are our only SAVIOR.Please let us keep our hearts stayed on you and only you.You are the only one that can save us.Thank you for healing my heart. I claim it totally and completely. Thank You Father n Blessings to all who read this.Please know that GOD loves you n will never forsake you.:)


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