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Chris's Exodus Chapter 25 comment about verse 32 on 9/13/2020, 2:16am...

Hi Gaynell. I'm not sure which book of the Bible you are thinking of, or are there many books? The only way, is to read the chapter for yourself slowly and then write down what point(s) that comes to you strongly.

For example: In the Gospel of John chapter 1, as you read the chapter, you will note Jesus, God's Word, became man; John the Baptist proclaimed Jesus' arrival; and some men who followed Jesus. To simplify that further, you could remember the chapter as: Jesus, His disciples and John the Baptist.

So, you can do the same as you read each chapter: note down what you find are the main point(s) there. As far as memorising all of what you record, that would be difficult unless you have a very strong memory ability. I would suggest find a special verse & memorise it & over time, God's Spirit will help you to add to those verses you commit to memory.


Gaynell's Exodus Chapter 25 comment about verse 32 on 9/12/2020, 12:46pm...

is there a way that i can lean about what happen in each chapter and how can I memorise them


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