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Ja's Esther Chapter 4 comment about verse 16 on 12/02/2020, 8:20am...

John 3:16 For God so loved he world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life.


Chris's Esther Chapter 4 comment about verse 16 on 12/02/2020, 3:07am...

The Bible tells us that we're all sinners & come short of God's Glory (God's perfection) Romans 3:23. And not one of us are righteous - not even one (Romans 3:10). When we sin against a Holy God, the only payment we can make for our sin is to suffer death (physical death & eternal separation from God) Romans 6:23.

And this was to happen after our first parents, Adam & Eve, sinned against God. But God, in His great Love for mankind, His creation, stepped in with a solution to this sin problem. God can't overlook sin because sin is not from Him but from Satan. And since one way to make payment for sin was for the death of the sinner, the other way, which God planned, was for a substitute to take the place of the sinner. But that substitute had to be pure & perfect, which sinful man could not be (that means man cannot pay for his own sin). The only Substitute that would work for God was to send Jesus, His Son, to make the payment. However, that time was long coming as God had a purpose for withholding Him, so God instituted an animal sacrificial system for His people, Israel, as a temporary measure: so that they would acknowledge their sins & the need to pay for it through sacrifice.

Since that sacrifice was only temporary, at the right time, God sent Jesus to Earth to ultimately give up His Life for us sinners. But every sinner has to accept that offering & put their trust in Him (John 3:16). So now there is no need for anymore sacrifices as Jesus was the Perfect & only One sent by God. So Jesus' shed Blood & broken Body was necessary to satisfy God for our sins & so we say that "our sins have been remitted" (our sins have been forgiven & removed & we're no longer accounted by God as being punishable (Romans 3:23-25)); just like a judge on Earth declares a convicted person as no longer guilty & he is free to go. But just as the prisoner still has to pay for any crime he commits later, so a Christian who sins in error is accountable to God & seeks His forgiveness.


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