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Fasting Helps's Esther Chapter 4 comment on 5/14/2021, 12:03am...

Jesus fasted for 40 days and nights. The Bible says that at the end, Jesus hungered. He was drinking water. After 3 days, the body starts breaking down without water.

I was taught that not fasting is sort of a reckless lifestyle. Regular fasting dissolves the glue stuck to the walls in our intestines. Fasting makes the body turn upon itself and "eat" up things that are unhealthy.

I fast to get direction from the Lord. I can do a week. God has helped me make hard decisions; He's given me insight on scripture meanings. I've had visions; word of wisdom; word of knowledge. It depends on what you are praying about prior to the fast.

Fast from food, Feed on the Bible.

However, the hardest fasts are to unplug all media. Put the phone on vibrate for emergencies only. Turn all the noise off. Make joyful song yourself, unto the Lord. You are totally free to hear what the Holy Spirit speaks to your spirit.

Satan doesn't want us to fast. You'd be surprised at all the "emergencies that can spring up." :/

Study how Jesus fought spiritually against Satan on that 40 day fast. How did He do the warfare?

This is how we break strongholds in our lives; or in someone else's life (that we are praying for). I think fasting is private and we don't brag about it or cry over glasses of water, when the family is in the kitchen eating meals. It's as unto the Lord.

If you're diabetic, you can still fast. Take your meds, but don't eat pleasant foods to keep yourself stable. Check your levels. Bouillon is warm and makes the body release the hormone that says you're full.

Fasts over a week: when you end it and begin to eat again, nothing real heavy at first. Your body has to awaken slowly for a few days.

Write down what you learn from the Lord during your fast.


Eric Lopez's Esther Chapter 4 comment on 5/13/2021, 5:30pm...

Why fast? A sign of giving to the Lord in hopes for his glory? Going to assume so.


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