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Alex's Jeremiah Chapter 1 comment on 6/24/2020, 5:58am...

comments on Isaiah 9 v 6 He calls CHRIST EVERLASTING FATHER. Jesus said that satan was the FATHER OF THE TARES B/C is the one who sows the tares Thus Christ is the FATHER of the Wheat simply b/c he is the one who SOWS the WHEAT IN MANS HEARTS .The father that sends the H.G is actually Christ .The WHEAT ARE GODS,THE GRANSONS the israel of God. SIMPLY B/C JESUS IS THE ONE WHO SOWS THAT PRECIOUS SEED IN OUR HEARTS. Jesus said the FATHER wd send the H.G IN MY NAME, IN MY NAME MEANS HE IS THE ONE WHO SOWS THAT SEED.Remember Jesus said that the father was in him meaning in his seed. Just like father Abraham was in issac simply b/c Abraham was in issac's seed a prosterity. Of Father son and Granson the Godhead that became the nation of Israel but also a picture of the heavenly trinity, the the Israel of God.EVERY CREATURE THAT GOD MADE WAS TOLD TO GO FORTH AND MULTIPLY. And that was the PROMISE that God made to Christ thru Abraham's heavenly seed CHRIST JESUS. tHE point i am trying to make IS the H.G. came out of Christ seed, which was his WORD HIS BREATH,When HE BREATHE on them they received the H.G. HE WAS REPRODUCING GOD WITH HIS SEED, now do you see the Gransons.?That was the great Promise i will multiply thy seed as the stars of heaven. Now do you see the Israel of God?Jesus is not without a seed,There are heavenly children coming soon.Thats u Elijah has to come and turn the hearts of the fathers to the CHILDREN B/F THAT GREAT AND TERRIBLE DAY OF THE LORD.Remember God swore by himself when he made that PROMISE about multiplication,thats y Jesus is saying to whom the WORD CAME THAT GOOD SEED it made them Gods ( the gransons ) see father son and granson followed by an israel of GOD.Jesus refers to the H.G as the promise Child meaning his offspring. The children of Promise ouir new innerman, our new hhart and new spirit. k later GBU


Jeffrey Barrett's Jeremiah Chapter 1 comment on 6/23/2020, 11:24am...

OK I give up you know God & Jesus only by scripture I know God who Dwells in me and in Jesus teaching us hands on personally Indwelling me after my Pentecost experience speaking in tongues the next thing I did was to see IF God could take out of me oppressive sexual acts and desires most would not even call sin. Bam God took them away with powerful completeness. I heard God shows himself to Peter. Show us the Father WHAT HAPPENED NEXT. GOD spoke right through Jesus to Peter and the Apostles. Here I am inside my Son but you say you don't understand our intimacy. I know you do not have that intimacy with God dwelling in you because you have only doctrines to go by. Jesus never explained to the Apostles for 3 years His actions relationship with God. Because Jesus knew until He died and rose and Only then at their Pentacost would they or could they understand. The TRUTH in the Bible is line by line to give understanding AS God reveals Himself to you. Do you Speak in Prophecy THUS SAYETH THE LORD in heavenly tongues? Which is God giving you direct communication and the interpretation for you from inside of you You Speak but it is God talking to You

Please if you haven't had YOUR PENTECOST MOMENT then your a slacker and do not understand whatcloseness to God has been brought to the world exactly as Jesus and God are so alike because God goes everywhere Jesus is and Jesus manifests God from within His soul. I leave it there. I am not a preacher. The deal is we only NOW have the restored access to God as Jesus has and mankind had before the fall and then death and seperstion from God

Make it MORE A BIG DEAL. SELL ALLL AND ONLY THEN WILL JESUS AND GOD CALL YOU A DISCIPLE SON a Nd brother to God and Jesus. Call God dwelling in us, Jesus the Holy Spirit but if you don't actually know it is God then you can never know or be like aJesus or know God and have his Divine nature flowing from your soul.


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