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Vince's 1 Kings Chapter 4 comment about verse 26 on 3/22/2021, 9:37am...

Hello Jack Gutknecht,

I want to just clarify an issue that you pointed out here. This is not an error or typo. The texts are saying that King Solomon has 10 chariot cities with 4000 chariots in each city. Altogether he has 40,000 chariots. Hope this helps. God bless you


Vince's 1 Kings Chapter 4 comment on 3/22/2021, 9:12am...

Hello fire fighter, thanks for your service.

I would like to comment on your post here. Yes the wine Jesus made (His first miracle), was alcoholic. Grapes preserved over certain time, produces wine alcohol. Do you know that cane juice over time produces rum which is very alcoholic? This is what you call the brewing process.

The difference between biblical use of alcohol and alcohol use today is, in biblical times it was used to preserve and spice food and drinks. But as usual, mankind always find a way to abuse everything. In today's day, the abuse still goes on even though we have refrigerators. We also found other use of alcohol like temperature gauges, fuel consumption, medical sciences and many other uses. And who knows, there might still be more use for it in the future.

My point here is, it's not the alcohol that's the problem, it's us using it inappropriately. Like the Apostle Paul said, a L I T T L E wine is good for the stomach. God bless you


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