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Chris's 1 Kings Chapter 20 comment on 7/03/2020, 11:15pm...

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You have given pertinent Scriptures to support the believer's constant struggle against falling away. And I suppose that whatever Scriptures we offer, we can always find support for our views through them. So, it's only when I can stand on a firm basis (in Scripture) that I can then proceed to other Truths from there. Then I ask myself: that if portions like Ephesians chapter 1 show that we have been "predestined unto the adoption of children", does this Scripture make any allowance for error in Paul's teaching or indeed, God's Work, or maybe it has another meaning or even my misunderstanding of it?

My belief is that this Scripture is not just for those who are called to be apostles or the giants in faith, but to ALL who are the purchased possession of God according to His Own choosing. Can I then even presume that what God has ordained, would have an iota of chance of being lost back into the world of evil? If then, God's choosing & predestining of our lives are without the possibility of fault, then what should we make of those other Scriptures (as you quoted) that warn believers (Phil 2:12): "to work out (practise the full demands) of your salvation with (in) fear & trembling"? Do such Scriptures then speak of the possibility of a loss of salvation or could they be warnings to believers to not become slack in their faith or even syncretize it with any other teaching, or else there would be punishment & suffering, even death: yet "he shall suffer loss: but he himself shall be saved; yet so as by fire". Maybe it would take a great persecution or even the prospect of an agonizing death as a result that would divide those who have loved the Lord more than their own lives from those whom the Lord will find no pleasure in.


Chris's 1 Kings Chapter 20 comment on 7/03/2020, 11:13pm...

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Hi John, it has been good chatting & going through your valuable comments. As I read them on Page 1, I could see a brother who desires most of all to be faithful to his Lord in every area of his life. And that, in truth, is what is expected of us & when we falter, the Spirit within immediately steps in to teach us, correct us & bolster our faith & resolve. This blessed work of the Spirit is what I cling on to, as it's not only proof to our hearts of God's Love & indwelling, but the 'sufficient' Grace given when needed. And I'm sure your faith will stand in the most testing of circumstances & that the Power of God will be revealed in you to maintain that bold stand.

I've personally experienced this while serving in Pakistan, when His Power & intervention were mightily seen during times when our human resources had long expired & circumstances well beyond our control. Those were experiences that can't be shared here, but were those that cause us now to have great confidence in Him & thrust out against the Enemy in his territory. In the West, the Enemy is the same but what we may be called to stand against, might be different - for now.


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