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Chris's Isaiah Chapter 52 comment on 12/13/2022, 6:25pm...

Hi Angela. I wouldn't agree with your question, "why are certain books removed from the Bible?" May I assume that you're referring to what are termed as 'apocryphal books'? Or, are you finding that some books that are in the recognized canon of Scripture have been deliberately removed?

I can't answer to the latter, but to the former, there were very many books, manuscripts & other writings around throughout history, and particularly in the inter-testamental period (i.e. after Malachi's prophecy & the entrance of Jesus Christ at Bethlehem). Some of these writings were known to the Jews, but ultimately they only accepted the Word revealed through Moses (i.e. the Torah: the five Books of Moses); the Nevi'im (or, the Prophets), and the Ketuvim (or, the Writings). And within those broad divisions, we get our Bible (i.e. the same books as in the Tanakh (the Jewish Bible), but variations in order of appearance, & other minor changes).

So, the Jews rejected the apocrypha & other spurious writings as being the Word of God, from God, & likewise, when the NT Canon was brought together, similar rules were applied, where authors, textual examination, falsehoods, etc., were reasons for post-New Testament writings being rejected. Now some Churches, e.g. the Roman Catholic & orthodox, do accept the apocryphal books as valid, but in mainstream Christianity, we believe that what we have now is God's Word, and that to fully accept these other writings, severely prejudice the Truth, as revealed to us.

I can't give you all the errors in these books, but if you look at a couple: Tobit 12:9 (speaks of almsgiving purging sin & saves from death). 2 Maccabees 12:41-45 (place of purgatory & a monetary sin offering). Just these two references go against the teaching of Scripture. Of course, there are truths written in these books, but the evidence of errors therein, should cause us to be very wary & alert.

I can't answer your second question - depends on which Fellowship you attend.


Angela's Isaiah Chapter 52 comment on 12/12/2022, 2:06pm...

Hello, Why are certain books removed from the bible. And Are Pastors not preaching from Book of Revelations?


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