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BSP's Judges Chapter 1 comment on 12/24/2021, 7:16am...

Verse 21-Their failure to completely drive out the Jebusites proved to be a snare to them later and it definitely affected their worship to God.


Chris's Judges Chapter 1 comment on 12/07/2020, 7:08pm...

When ministering to the little ones, to say that God lives in our hearts can be a little more understandable than to relate it theologically: that it is His Spirit that comes to reside in the Christian. God's Throne is in Heaven with His resurrected Son at His right Hand: that is seen Scripture. But God's Spirit (that indivisible part of the Godhead), is sent out into the world for a variety of purposes: John 16:7,8; John 14:16-18 & others.

Both Paul (Romans 8:9) & Peter (1 Peter 1:11), speak of Christ's Spirit. Again, the Deity is fully seen as the selfsame Spirit that is in the World & in believers, and He is the Spirit of God & His Christ. So the Deity cannot reside in anything evil, rather God's Spirit is present to bring God's Light & Truth to those whose hearts are prepared to hunger for it & receive it.


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