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Chris's Judges Chapter 1 comment on 12/07/2020, 7:08pm...

When ministering to the little ones, to say that God lives in our hearts can be a little more understandable than to relate it theologically: that it is His Spirit that comes to reside in the Christian. God's Throne is in Heaven with His resurrected Son at His right Hand: that is seen Scripture. But God's Spirit (that indivisible part of the Godhead), is sent out into the world for a variety of purposes: John 16:7,8; John 14:16-18 & others.

Both Paul (Romans 8:9) & Peter (1 Peter 1:11), speak of Christ's Spirit. Again, the Deity is fully seen as the selfsame Spirit that is in the World & in believers, and He is the Spirit of God & His Christ. So the Deity cannot reside in anything evil, rather God's Spirit is present to bring God's Light & Truth to those whose hearts are prepared to hunger for it & receive it.


Having done all TO STAND's Judges Chapter 1 comment on 12/07/2020, 6:07pm...

I spend a lot of time in the Book of Job. There's a lot of wisdom in there. There isn't anything that God is not aware of. He is present everywhere: past, present and future.

We live within the confines of Time, which is the first thing God created in Genesis 1:1. Let us be at peace with that. We are known by Him.

Satan is a defeated foe. Ephesians 6, gives us the Armor and the authority of Jesus Christ to stop his activity, and that of his agents of evil. So read the Gospels, Acts, and Paul's writings to see examples of disarming personal attacks.

A good teacher of the authority Jesus gives his born again believers can be viewed on YouTube. Search Charles Capps.

Jesus paid for it with His shed blood, and we must understand what we have been given.

Start there. I'm here if you have other questions.



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