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Overwhelmed's Proverbs Chapter 16 comment on 7/12/2021, 6:56am...

Technology is a wonderful thing to abusers. They use parental features to block phone numbers. They can use passwords to block access to bank accounts and track browsing history. They know, to the tenth of a mile the distance to the grocery, and they can look at the mileage to know if you deviated, and they can fake financial records at premarital counseling.

We were introduced by a common friend. He had considered her. They worked together for years, but he knew her divorce left her financially shaky, and the entire reason for picking someone out was to have their salary to solve his problems.

I had no where to go. Shelters don't take pets, and my church had no help, so I went to stay with friends, who became angry that I didn't hate him. I suspect he is bipolar, as it runs in his family, though his immediate family doesn't admit it. I tried to get him to a physician, and he refused. An uncle was hospitalized in the 60's, and his mother was brutal. I tried to explain it is a medical issue, to no avail. But, I left my friends, who consider themselves Good Catholics (I am not Catholic), because they were angry that I refused to hate him. He has a mental illness. I'd never trust or live with him again. But, it isn't Christian behavior to hate or wish him ill/dead. In the end, they treated me exactly as he had, which hurt more. They gossiped to friends. They tried to give my things away, because in their opinion, I didn't need them. They made scenes in stores. They considered me unable to make decisions about my life because I had picked him, after all. They threw my things in storage, keeping something incredibly important. They criticized everything I said or did, and if I said something, I was playing the victim or too sensitive. It is always my fault, never their fault.

Churches have no plan for abuse. Leaving is the easy part. It is trying to recover that is a LONG hard process. Almost 2 years now, and nowhere near recovered.


Spiritual and Not Spritual's Proverbs Chapter 16 comment on 7/11/2021, 5:42pm...

I've been bitten by that same snake.

1 Corinthians 12. Ask The Holy Spirit for the gift, Discerning of Spirits. It's not a weapon or a toy. It helps us to see either, God or Satan.

Actually reading massive amounts of scripture will enable us to spot good fruit or rotting fruit. It doesn't give us a license to be fruit inspectors.

Jesus said, The Tree (himself), is known by its fruit. Jesus doesn't produce fruits like: doubts, suspicion, counter-offense, etc.

Count yourself fortunate to have escaped. Now you are much wiser, and will have the patience to do it the Bible way. In Jewish culture, the engaged couple waited a full year before the marriage ceremony was announced.

People nowadays, don't do that. They marry knowing nothing about how the other person earns their money, saves it, pays their bills on time, spending habits, tithes, makes offerings, etc. what if Mary had mended Joseph's clothes and he railed, that the stitches were too big and loose? Details matter to each partner. Looking and acting spiritual, does not make them spiritual behind the front door.

The Bible shows us repeatedly in numerous "couples stories", what makes a good marriage. That door swings both ways. It shows us what God expects from husbands as well. Again.. ask what is the fruit?! Learn to break it off with the fakers. Men must produce the fruit of Jesus.

If your personal relationship to the Holy Spirit is

Strong and Close, you will never be fooled again.

In our culture, it's called Dating. We date to see how the other behaves at church, giving, donating time to church or civic activities. This goes for the ladies too). Management of money. Faithfulness to country, church, family, employer, children, community, help of less fortunate (Matthew 25)

In my experience, you cannot mend broken wings, nor Broken People. Only God can do that.

Some people are born broken and do not comprehend unbroken life. Don't bring home stray puppies.


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