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Roman's Proverbs Chapter 16 comment about verse 33 on 11/20/2022, 10:30pm...

I'm looking forward to the utter downfall of man.

Especially America, NATO & Israel. The sixth trumpet was made for them.

After the US/Israel attack Iran's nuclear facility, I'm moving to S. America to escape. Revelation 9:15 gives me time, so while Russia is preparing their weapons of indignation, I'll be preparing as well. I don't mind dying, but not like that when I know the narrative and signs, Revelation 18:4 says "get out". I will enjoy watching the video analysis of the attack over and over. The merchants can morn America, but not me, I'll be satisfied. Oh I know, that's terrible of me to say, but that's literally the way it plays out. Jesus defeats the beast, and 42 months prior, the beast defeated America. I'm sure in hindsight, you'll be able to identify America as Mystery Babylon, with her European Babel partners, all desolate and smoking, blocking out the sun. You might even take credit, saying you had a hunch it was that bunch.


GiGi's Proverbs Chapter 16 comment about verse 33 on 11/20/2022, 9:40pm...

You know Roman, Satan did rebel first and the many angels followed. But even if the angels had not begun to sin, I think that man could have just as easily rebelled all on his own without the temptation of Satan. Adam and Eve could have reasoned themselves into doubting God's word and wisdom all by themselves. They could have eaten from the tree of knowledge of good and evil without the wiles of Satan. But as it were, Satan was an instrument in the fall of mankind, but Adam and Eve made the choice to sin in and of themselves. They could have resisted in their innocent state, but they did not.


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