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Tunney's Acts Chapter 12 comment on 12/23/2023, 3:50pm...

Our Sovereign GOD JESUS CHRIST is in charge of all things. We currently are in a mess politically, economically, socially, and especially spiritually.

However, we can be assured that our SAVIOR KING will make things right in HIS god time.

May we continue to praise and glorify HIM in all we do; as we continue to read HIS word and do it in obedience and complete trust in HIM.

Merry Christmas everyone and may the LORD GOD shine HIS face on all of HIS saints.

December 23, 2023


Chris's Acts Chapter 12 comment on 2/08/2023, 1:17am...

Hi Herbert. Acts 12:2 speaks about James the brother of John (the disciple & apostle). In Acts 12:17, the James here is Jesus' brother (Galatians 1:19).


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